Don’t Expect The Brutal Cold To Kill Off Mosquitoes and Ticks. But, No Worries, ohDEER Protects You and Your Family From the Pests

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ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

In 2019, we entered our 12th year in business.

ohDEER was founded in response to people looking options — options that didn’t include toxins or harsh chemicals – to be shielded from disease-carrying mosquitoes and ticks, and to keep off their properties deer which, while beautiful and elegant, transport ticks and also bespoil landscapes by munching on shrubs, leaves, branches, and flowers.

The demand for all-natural pest control methods, and the effective response of ohDEER, undergird our strong growth and expansion.

Our network of coverage, formed through the ohDEER corporate office in Wayland, MA, and the dedicated ohDEER franchisees, delivers all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control solutions throughout Massachusetts, including the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket; Eastern Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

Appropriate, today, with bitter cold in the U.S. … with a polar vortex in the Midwest creating record and dangerous low temperatures  … that we highlight and point to academic research confirming something that ohDEER, and just about everybody else, already knew – and that is  … and this is dispiriting … mosquitoes and ticks do all right in the brutal cold; they handle it quite well.

ohDEER was alerted to the research through a story published yesterday on the website of the The Source, a magazine produced by Washington University in St. Louis.

Okay, now, the thesis proposed in the title of the story, “WashU Expert: Mosquitoes and ticks do better in extreme cold than we do,” written by Talia Ogliore, is not one that ohDEER necessarily believes true – that is the “do better in extreme cold than we do” part.

Because, for sure, humans can handle and even thrive in ridiculous cold.  By way of example, please click here to be transported to a The Telegraph story about Oymyakon, a city of 250,000 in Russia that is the coldest continually inhabited place on earth, where average the range of the temps in January is -18.4 to -36.4 Celsius; or, in Fahrenheit,  – 1.12 to – 33.52. And the coldest ever in Oymyakon. That would be the – 67.7 Celsius, or – 89.86 Fahrenheit measures in 1933.

But the title of The Source story does make the point that it isn’t worth harboring hope that arctic temps kill off mosquitoes or ticks.  No, they will still be around. They fly and crawl back.  

Research cited and reported on in the story is that which was conducted at the Tyson Research Center, the environmental field station of Washington University in St. Louis.

Among the information found in the story — with this information related by Tyson Research Center director Kim Medley – is that the female Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), which is found throughout territory that ohDEER services, “can produce eggs that overwinter in a state of hibernation called diapause,” with these eggs partially composed of “lipids” that “insulate the embryo from the cold.”

As for ticks, Solny Adalsteinsson, a staff scientist at Tyson Research Center, tells us that, “Like many other organisms, ticks can produce antifreeze proteins to help them tolerate cold temperatures.  In fact, some researchers are exploring whether these proteins can be used to protect mammal tissues from frostbite.”  

Yep, no doubt, mosquitoes and ticks are all prepared and well set biologically to survive through the chilliest and iciest blasts … and even if that chilly and icy sits and stays around for a while.

Mosquitoes and ticks aren’t going away.

But the good news is that neither is ohDEER.

We’ll prevent, or make go away – naturally – any mosquito or tick problem.

Don’t Expect the Brutal Cold to Kill Off Mosquitoes and Ticks.  But, No Worries, ohDEER Protects You and Your Family From the PestsP

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