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A New Year’s Message From ohDEER

ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

Through our corporate office in Wayland, MA, and our franchise network, we provide service throughout Massachusetts, including the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, and Eastern Long Island and Central New Jersey.

And, here, on New Year’s Eve, we experience the good fortune, and the privilege, of entering our 12th year in business.

Of course, our good fortune, and our privilege, are made possible by a joining of the patronage we receive from our loyal customers … whom we highly value … and the dedicated and hard work of our employees, and our dedicated and hard-working franchisees.

As we enter 2019, ohDEER makes note that no matter what division and rancor may exist in our land, this republic, imperfect and flawed, is still far and away the best and greatest on earth.

Fundamental to America being #1 and the greatest is that we are a republic — that is, a nation of laws created by people to assure and protect the rights its citizens were entitled to at birth, and for life.

ohDEER encourages people to reflect on and contemplate that they reside in a country, and live in a society, in which they are allowed to openly voice their disagreement with the actions of government, and to go about making changes to laws, rules, and regulations that government has established.

Another bedrock component of the United States is our economic system of capitalism — a system from which ohDEER benefits every day — and which affords people the opportunity to purchase, through hard work, daring, ingenuity, and pride in delivering excellence in products and services, an improved and happier life for themselves and for their families.

As ohDEER takes its departure from 2018, and embarks on 2019, we remain fully committed to, and fully energized and excited by the prospects available to build and expand our business, and to continue our never-ceasing quest to better serve our loyal and valued customers.

ohDEER Wishes All A Happy New Year!!