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A New Year’s Post From ohDEER

Here we are on the cusp of the new year.

For sure, 2020 has been momentous, emotional, trying, painful, an episode of extraordinary loss … and, in many ways, a year that was truly epic.

Social unrest and upheaval, a tumultuous and heated national election – and COVID-19.

Now, for anyone, any family, who lost a loved one to the pandemic – or suffered any other form of illness, and had days or months of years of happiness stolen – or whose business has been ruined or almost ruined – it might seem somewhat callous to state that, and let’s just take the United States, as a nation and as a people we have faced and overcome greater and more awful trials than which 2020 conferred.

But this nation has certainly overcome greater and more awful trials.

Yet, still, we need to be ever mindful that when pain, unhappiness, or sickness afflicts a person, that person afflicted – and all those who love and who are friends of that person – know the same intense and severe ache, no matter if during and amid a time of war, pandemic, or financial crisis – or during a time of societal tranquility, peace, and economic boom.

This is also true when a livelihood and the way one makes a living crumble.   And, no doubt, we are in a period of mountainous – historically mountainous – job and business loss.

At ohDEER, we take inventory of a year that has been for us, and for our employees and franchise owners, one which has been, compared against the whole of what America knew and experienced over the previous 12 months, relatively painless and even a time of business growth.

Yes, the ohDEER family has been fortunate.

We know this.   We are thankful for this.

For, during an episode in which a large segment of the population was required, and chose, to stay sheltered, there were many families and individuals who were spending money on fixing things around the house and the yard, and on at-home recreation and fitness areas and equipment, that in non-pandemic days may have been spent outside the home.

The fact is – and, again, we keep this in mind – there are sectors of the economy that managed to do all right in 2020; think big-box retailers that home deliver, media streaming companies, electricians, finish carpenters, painters, home-gym manufacturers, spa and pool builders … and, yes, businesses that keep residential properties free of deer, mosquitoes, and ticks.

(Of course, in the case of ohDEER, we use only all-natural solutions to control those deer and mosquitoes and ticks.)

Just today, the last day of 2020, ohDEER signed an agreement with the Lodi brothers, Derek and Jay, who own the ohDEER franchise that services southeastern Massachusetts, to expand their ohDEER franchise area of operation to include northern Rhode Island.

A little background here.  The Lodi brothers history with ohDEER commenced in 2013 when we hired Derek as a spray technician.  Derek held this job for five consecutive years, performing superbly in the role.  In 2018, Derek and his brother Jay purchased the southeastern Massachusetts ohDEER franchise.

This past fall, ohDEER extended its region of coverage further south along the Eastern Seaboard when Rich Harris became owner and operator of a franchise that delivers ohDEER services throughout Montgomery County in Maryland.

There are still tough days ahead for the U.S., for the planet.

The pandemic is still very much with us.  It is still making people sick, and taking lives.

Yet there is now the vaccine – actually, multiple vaccines.   They are being distributed and given.  More than 14 million doses of vaccine have been shipped in the U.S., with a little more than 2 million people in the country inoculated.  The number of inoculations here at home could hit 20 million by the end of January.

There is justified reason for hope.

Maybe, just maybe – and we will use here imagery and a paradigm with which most can easily relate and imagine – by next summer, restaurants will be operating at full capacity, and our sports stadiums will be packed with fans.

Just maybe.