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Amid the Devastation, an Episode of Happiness and Hope – One Involving a Highway Patrol Officer and a Baby Deer

California Highway Patrolman Sergeant David Fawson receives a thank-you kiss from the fawn he saved (image credit: California Highway Patrol)

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Here in this space, on this blog, a sentiment we often share is how we reconcile a fondness and appreciation for deer – love and appreciation we don’t harbor for mosquitoes and ticks – and our steadfast commitment to making yards and business properties inhospitable places for the animals.

Yes, deer are beautiful and elegant.

Yet deer also like to munch on shrubs and flowers and other plants, messing up and wreaking damage on landscapes. As well, deer are a favored host and food source for ticks – which can carry disease that they transmit to humans and pets and livestock.  Keeping deer off your property is a component of the effort to keep ticks off your property.

But, again, deer have a lot of upside.

And, really, it is tough to match the cuteness quotient of a fawn.

This brings us to a thoroughly smile-inducing and heartwarming story that hit the national news this weekend, and went viral on the internet.

It is a story that is set in and alongside the devastation and destruction and loss of life of the ongoing wildfires in Northern California.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is helping and out front in evacuating people from the approach of the fires.

As it has come to pass, it is not only people to whose aid CHP is responding.

On Saturday, a rescue call that CHP San Francisco Sergeant David Fawson received was for a fawn, which was probably only a month old, from the inferno.  When Sergeant Fawson arrived, he determined that the fawn was too close to the fire to wait and see if the little one’s mother would show up.

Sergeant Fawson took the fawn into his arms and to safety.  As he was holding on to the baby deer, the fawn gave him a “thank you” kiss, which was captured in a photo that was posted on a CHP Facebook page, and which CHP also tweeted.

Sergeant Fawson cuddles with a grateful baby deer (image credit: California Highway Patrol_

The photo went viral, as did a CHP photo of Sergeant Fawson cradling the fawn and sitting in a patrol car.

If you click here, you will be taken to a USA Today article written by Marina Pitofsky – and which has the catchy title – “Oh deer! Cop saves fawn from California wildfires.”

For the baby deer, the future looks good, for it is now in the care of a local deer rescue organization.