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ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

We launched in 2007, and have had the good fortune of growing a business that now services all of Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and the Islands; the eastern part of Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

Our solutions and treatments are plant-based, and thoroughly safe for humans, pets, and farm animals.  As we say, you can be having a cookout, with plenty of people on hand, and ohDEER could administer and spray our solutions all around the area of your gathering, and no one will detect an offensive odor or be physically irritated in any way.

Again, totally safe.

ohDEER is busy throughout the year in applying the solutions and treatments that keep deer from venturing on to your property – with deer on your property presenting the potential problems of transporting disease-harboring ticks, and maybe munching on and consuming your shrubs, flowers, and tree leaves; and damaging trees through antler and forehead rubbing.

And, while we most certainly battle mosquitoes and ticks across all months and seasons, we are surely busiest, and most heavily engaged in the task, from early March through mid-October.

Of course, this year, late winter and through the spring, and now into summer, has been a time of COVID-19 in America and throughout the world.

Across America, the lethality and contagious-nature of the pandemic, the lives it has taken and continues to take, the physical and emotional pain it is causing, and the economic and social devastation it is wreaking, constitutes the gravest collective national trial and challenge since World War II.

ohDEER continues to do business in this period of national angst and crisis.

Our operations, our spraying practices, are done in a manner that are safe, sanitary, and in compliance with all governmental health and safety regulations pertaining to COVID-19.

Infinitely more important is that America is getting on and continuing to do what it must to lay low the virus and get things under control and stay healthy.

Inspiring, and oh so American, is how – during this period of crisis – individuals and groups, and communities, are rallying and helping neighbors and friends, and strangers.

We submit that America does the civic engagement thing better than any other nation on earth.  This desire to … in the interest of the public good …  form civic associations, huddle and team up, and create leagues and organizations, was established in the infancy of our republic.

Indeed, in his classic sociology text, Democracy in America. which he wrote after a nine-month tour of the United States in the 1830s, the French nobleman, diplomat, and historian Alexis de Tocqueville cited as integral to the success of American democracy the enthusiasm and the energy the nation directed toward building civic associations, and people being there for each other.

America is going to beat the pandemic.

It will accomplish this through an alliance of the civic engagement gene that America holds, and the work of government.

And because of what we face now, what we endure now, the United States will be far better prepared when the next serious virus and contagion arrives.

We will also come out of this stronger.

America.  Smile.  We got this.  Summer awaits.