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A view of Long Island; our franchise in East Hampton, NY launched a month ago (image credit:

A view of Long Island; a new ohDEER franchise launched a month ago, in East Hampton, NY  (image credit:


ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

Kurt Upham founded ohDEER in 2007 – and, today, he and his wife, Colleen, co-own the enterprise.

ohDEER operates its corporate business out of Wayland, MA, and also licenses a recently launched, and rapidly growing, franchise system.

From of our corporate location we service communities in Boston metropolitan west, and Boston itself.

We now have six franchises, with one franchise each servicing the following geographic areas:  Cape Cod; Martha’s Vineyard; Nantucket; Southeastern Massachusetts; Eastern Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

Today we feature here one of our newest franchises.

It is the franchise that covers the eastern part of Long Island.

Launched a month ago, the franchise is based in East Hampton – the eastern most municipality in the U.S. – and, in addition to East Hampton, also services the townships of Southampton, Riverhead, Southhold, and Shelter Island.

This ohDEER franchise is owned by long-time Long Island – more precisely, “The Hamptons” – stock: the husband and wife team of Kristine McMahon Pitts and Harold “Bud” Pitts.

Yes, Kristine, who grew up in Amagansett, a hamlet in East Hampton, has family roots in the area that go back to 1650.  Bud is from another East Hampton hamlet, Montauk, and his family also has a long Hamptons history.

The teaming of ohDEER and the Hamptons has its beginning back to October 2014.

“Two years ago, I hired a company to spray for mosquito and tick control at our home, which is in East Hampton,” said Kristine.  “Then I saw the technicians arrive, and they were all covered; they were wearing jump suits and masks. Well, I became a bit concerned.  Bud and I have two children – and two dogs.

“I wanted an alternative to the harsh chemicals, and I went on to the Internet, and did some searching, using the terms ‘natural mosquito and tick control’ and ‘organic mosquito and tick control.’  And ohDEER came up.”

Kristine and Bud saw that ohDEER was not in the area, but that it had a franchise system.  The couple made an inquiry online about ohDEER and its franchise operation, and promptly received a call from the Uphams.

“We talked on the phone with Kurt and Colleen, and asked questions,” said Bud.  “The more we learned, the more interested we became in the possibility of purchasing and owning an ohDEER franchise.”

In October 2015, Kristine and Bud drove up to Wayland, and met with Kurt and Colleen, and were provided a tour and demonstration of how ohDEER and its control system work.

“The trip, and learning and seeing in person, it all went to confirming that we were going to invest in becoming an ohDEER franchise,” said Kristine.  “Kurt sort of directed the tour, and he presented reason after reason as to why ohDEER is the best in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control

“I remember, at one stop he dipped his fingers in some of the solution he sprays, and then he tasted it.  That proved a point.”

Bud saw in person how ohDEER makes a place inhospitable for deer.

“Kurt took me to an apple orchard that ohDEER had just treated to keep deer away,” said Bud. “Now, this was a big orchard, and it was October, and the trees were full of ripe apples, and there were many ripe apples.  You could see, way off, on the perimeter of the orchard, plenty of deer.  And, you know, there was no fence or barriers to keep the deer from eating the apples, but whatever Kurt had used on the orchard worked, remarkably, because not one deer walked on to the property.”

Kristine and Bud Pitts are very happy how their ohDEER operation is going.

“We are actually ahead of where we thought we would a month into the venture,” said Kristine.  “The phone is ringing, and the emails are coming in.  And we are out and about treating and applying.

“Bud and I are excited about the future, and committed to building our business, and the ohDEER brand.”

To contact ohDEER in East Hampton, NY, you can call 631-604-7072 or 844ohDEER1, or send an email to [email protected]