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What do you think about bats?

Now, here’s the thing – bats get a bad rap… even if there are many people who are fans of bats. But, let’s face it, bats have that link to, that connotation with, the creepy and discomforting supernatural… and that which creates a bit of unease.

Really, think of some good Halloween or haunted house decorations, and you are probably going to be thinking, in whatever incidence, and whatever measure, about bats.

Mice with wings – that is what we are talking.

ohDEER – a leader in natural deer, tick, and mosquito control – wants people to know, though, that bats serve a valuable … and highly effective… role in mosquito control.

That’s right – bats are no friend of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are bat food – and bats like to gobble them up.

How effective are bats in hunting mosquitoes? Consider this excerpt from a story, titled, “How to control Mosquitoes with Bats,” found at

“Individuals of some bat species can capture from 500 to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour and large colonies can consume tremendous quantities. For example, a Florida colony of 30,000 southeastern bats consumes 50 tons of insects annually, including over 15 tons of mosquitoes, and from 77.4% to 84.6% of little brown bats living in the northern U.S. and Canada eat mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes do not take evasive action, and are exceptionally easy to capture, bats may prefer them over larger prey. Nursing mothers eat up to their body weight in insects nightly, and often can be attracted to live in bat houses.”

Please click here to be taken to the complete story. After reading this post, and the story to which is linked here, ohDEER hopes you have a new appreciation and fondness for bats.