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Benefits of the Outdoors … and Staying Healthy During Pandemic

Hoping We are in the Days of Covid-19 Being Brought Under Control

ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

ohDEER was founded in 2007, in Wayland, MA, where we remain and always have been headquartered.   Today, from our corporate location, and our rapidly growing ohDEER franchise network, we service an area that encompasses Central Massachusetts and all points east in the state, including Cape Cod and the Islands; the eastern part of Long Island, NY; Central New Jersey; and Montgomery County in Maryland.

The overall primary goal of the solutions that ohDEER delivers and applies is to help keep people safe and healthy .

This was the primary goal when we launched in 2007, in Wayland, MA, and has been ever since, and always will be.  Our all-natural solutions prevent mosquitoes and ticks which can carry and transmit disease to humans — and deer, which are hosts to and transport ticks — from visiting your property.

And, of course, pets and livestock living on land that has been treated by ohDEER are protected from deer or mosquito or tick-borne illness.

Another benefit that ohDEER provides is that when deer are not visiting or spending time in your yard or business property, they are not, at these places, eating shrubbery, flowers, garden fruits and vegetables, and tree leaves — nor are the male deer (bucks) scraping bark off of trees with their antlers.

What we will submit is a secondary benefit of what ohDEER delivers is keeping the outdoors safe for play, relaxing, recreating, and socializing.

We humans like to be outdoors.  We know, instinctively and intuitively, that there are physical and emotional benefits to being outdoors.

Last July 11, in this space, we published the post, “Pandemic — and the Enriching and Restorative Power of the Outdoors,”  in which we mentioned the physical and emotional upside of outdoors, and how Covid-19 has resulted in people spending more time outdoors.

Yes, just benign outdoors makes us happier — and the exercise we do outdoors contributes to that happiness and overall well-being.

As well, of course, and this is especially the case during a pandemic or an epidemic, the outdoor physical environment, as a place unto itself — no matter if you even walk or run a step or bicycle a few yards — confers vital health advantages over being inside, where far and away the most coronavirus transmissions occur.

Consider the three primary practices advised to protect people from catching Covid-19 are social distancing, masks, and ventilation.

Evidence is conclusive that the outdoors and a gentle breeze, and sunlight-generated UV rays and heat and, and humidity, quickly destroys and shuts down the virulence of coronavirus particles.   The fact is that, if you are outdoors, and provided people aren’t packed together, like at a political rally or sports contest, even if you are not wearing a mask it is very difficult to transmit the virus.

Back in December, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a statement declaring that if people are outdoors, and maintaining social distancing of at least a meter, then wearing a mask is not necessary.

We also recommend an article, “Sunlight Linked With Lower COVID-19 Deaths – And NOT Because of Vitamin D,” published on April 8 in SciTechDaily, and featuring research conducted at the University of Edinburgh.

As a global community, we are all hoping, fervently and earnestly hoping, that we are in the waning days of Covid-19.

And we at ohDEER are hoping that with the coronavirus gone — and our solutions available and applied — the outdoors will be healthier and more hospitable than ever before.