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ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control control.  We are in our 10th year in business.

Our corporate office is located in Wayland, MA.  Out of this office we service Boston Metropolitan West and Boston proper.

Our franchise business, launched only three years ago, is booming and growing fast.  There are seven ohDEER franchises; one franchise each services one of the following regions: North of Boston, South of Boston, Central Massachusetts, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands, Eastern Long Island (NY), and Central New Jersey.

ohDEER — its employees, and its franchisees — all have deep and abiding love and respect for nature.

A fundamental and primary inspiration for we working in this business is that we seek to make outdoors and nature a happier and healthier place to recreate and spend time.

House finch nest, with cigarette butts (image credit: ©Bear Paw Battlefield//Flickr)

People can be out in their yard, cooking out, swimming in their pools, gardening, reclining in a hammock, playing catch … whatever … while at the same time ohDEER applies our highly effective all natural-solutions and applications to that same yard.  No ill effects will be had.

In addition to the all-natural methods we use to keep properties deer, mosquito, and tick free, we also recommend — and we do so here in this blog — other natural ways to keep the deer, mosquitoes, and ticks away.

Nature can do pest control effectively.

Take, for example, and this is making the news now — and, okay, this is not entirely an all-natural method of ridding a place of ticks — but it is one that has been developed and is being used by birds.   Finches to be precise.

Finches seem to understand what humans know — that cigarettes can kill.

Finches understand that there is something in cigarette butts that keep ticks away from their nests.

That something nicotine — and other chemicals in ciggies.

Researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico have, over several years, conducted research on house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) and their nest-building habits and systems.

What they have found is that the finches use cigarette butts as nest building materials.   And it seems that the finches to this for the anti-parasite properties of the butts.

Finches don’t like ticks because ticks eat their fur and suck their blood.

Adding cigarette butts to a nest can have, though — and this is not surprising — negative health consequences.  But the finches appear to have weighed the pluses and minuses and chosen to build with butts.

Please click here to be taken to a story, titled, “Birds use cigarette butts for chemical warfare against ticks”,  published this past Monday in New Scientist.  Author of the story is Natasha Kaleeq.

A novel way that these finches employ to keep their nests tick free.

ohDEER admires the ingenuity of the finches.  We do not though recommend their tick-control methods.  Not good — the chemicals.

For all-natural tick control — no nicotine and no other toxins — please think ohDEER.