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How to Avoid Deer-Vehicle Accidents: Tips & Strategies

How to Avoid Deer-Vehicle Accidents: Tips & Strategies Introduction Deer crashes in Massachusetts reached an alarming peak in 2021, with 1,656 collisions recorded during the peak season for such accidents. This surge in deer-vehicle incidents serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance when driving, especially during this time of the year. Hitting […]

November News: All About Ticks

Note: Before you dive into this blog, it is important to remember that ticks are most active NOW! During November, ticks are actively searching for hosts to provide them with a blood meal. This month it is especially crucial to do a tick check on yourself, others, and your pets after spending time outdoors to reduce […]

How to Clean Gutters & Why It’s So Important

Why is it important to clean your gutters? Your home’s gutter system controls the flow of rainwater from the roof by diverting it through downspouts. Gutters protect your home by moving rain and melting snow away from the roof, siding, foundation, basement, and landscaping. Without gutters, the runoff from these natural elements can cause damaging […]

Responsible Dog Ownership: Celebrating Pet Wellness Month

Pet Wellness Month has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate our four-legged family members with the love and responsible ownership practices. As pet lovers at ohDEER, we support pet wellness through offering All-Natural Tick and Mosquito Control. We aim to protect your pets from nature’s small, yet dangerous pests without the use of harmful chemicals. […]

Fall Decoration Ideas for the Best House in the Neighborhood

As the crisp autumn air sets in and the leaves begin to change colors, it’s time to embrace the cozy and festive spirit of fall. One of the best ways to celebrate this enchanting season is by adorning your home with charming and inviting decorations. From your front yard to your porch, there are countless […]

Hydrangeas & Rhododendrons: Fall Blooms

Blooming Beauties: Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons in Fall  Two of deer’s favorite plants to eat, hydrangeas and rhododendrons, are in bloom now! Contrary to popular belief, these plants bloom not only during the spring and summer, but also during the fall! Fall-blooming or late-season varieties have evolved to bloom later in the year. It is essential […]

Tick Activity: Fall 2023

Tick Activity: Fall 2023 According to TIME, this may be the worst tick season ever! Tick encounters have significantly increased over 2023. There are multiple reasons for the increase in tick activity causing these grievances. Warmer weather caused by climate change allows ticks to be active for longer during the year, causing more intense tick […]

Creative & Cost-Effective: Building DIY Bird Feeders for Your Yard

Bird watching can be a delightful and relaxing hobby, and what better way to attract feathered friends to your garden than with bird feeders? Birds are also helpful allies for pest control, some even eat mosquitos! Homemade bird feeders not only provide snacks to your backyard birds, but also add a charming touch to your […]

Tick-borne Illnesses in Cats

Tick-borne illnesses are infections spread from tick to host. Humans and dogs are often the most talked about when brainstorming prevention methods, but cats can also be bitten by ticks. Don’t fear, ohDEER is here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tick-borne illnesses in cats. What ticks can spread infections to […]

Tick-Borne Illnesses in Dogs

Tick-borne illnesses are infections spread from tick to host. It is not only humans who need to worry about being bitten by these disease-ridden pests, they often attach to dogs. Don’t fear, ohDEER is here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tick-borne illnesses in dogs and how you can prevent them. […]