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As ohDEER – the leader in all natural deer, tick, and mosquito control – continued to rapidly grow and expand, ohDEER founder, Kurt Upham, and his wife, co-owner, Colleen Upham, weighed and researched and considered two primary options for continuing that growth.

Those options: Keep everything corporate owned or, in addition to corporate owned growth, develop and launch an ohDEER franchise system.

“After review and strategizing and considering the options, we decided on the corporate owned and franchise option,” said Kurt. “It was imperative, of course, that obtaining an ohDEER franchise was a strict and thorough process, one that, when completed, assured that the franchise would operate with the same quality, effectiveness, and excellence in customer service as does our own company owned business.”

In March 2014, the first ohDEER franchise was launched, on Martha’s Vineyard, by Eddie Spindola, then 28 years old, who has resided most of his life on the island, and had previously worked as a landscaper.

“I was introduced to ohDEER through Kurt’s parents, who live on the island,” said Eddie, who holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Petersburg College. “The more I learned about the company, the more interested I was in potentially becoming a franchisee. As a landscaper, and someone who cares about the environment – and recognizing a strong need for the ohDEER service on Martha’s Vineyard – I decided that I wanted in and to invest in a franchise.”

With marketing support from ohDEER corporate, with service and products that are in demand and effective and safe – and with Eddie Spindola’s focused and hard work – the franchise is growing strong and fast.

During the warm months, Eddie runs a crew of three – himself and two other workers.

“Deer control is an all year job, and mosquito and tick control is seasonal, from April through October,” said Eddie. “I’m working throughout the year, and all over the island.”

As for a little more insight as to how things are going for Eddie Spindola and ohDEER on Martha’s Vineyard, consider that earlier this month the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce selected Eddie as one of its “Top 40 Island Professionals Under 40.”

“I’m excited about and immensely grateful for this recognition,” said Eddie. “And that I received this award is owed in no small part to the value of the ohDEER franchise, and the strength of its products, services, and business model.”