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ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

This past year — one in which we have celebrated our 10th anniversary — has been a wonderful year for ohDEER. We look forward with high enthusiasm and optimism to 2018.

Out of the ohDEER corporate office in Wayland, MA, we service Metropolitan Boston and Central Massachusetts.  Through our ohDEER franchise network, we service Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands, Eastern Long Island, and Central New Jersey.

Fundamental to the ever growing need for the all-natural solutions and applications that ohDEER provides, is that people want to spend time outdoors and to be safe while doing so.  People also want their pets and livestock to be safe.

ohDEER keeps disease-carrying mosquitoes and ticks off of your property — as we do deer which are hosts for disease-carrying ticks, and which are also inclined to bespoil landscapes through munching on plants and flowers and tree bark.

As is the case with ohDEER customers, we like the outdoors, we like nature.

Fittingly, in this space, we like to talk about the outdoors and nature, and not just in direct relation to deer, mosquitoes, ticks.  For example, please click here to be taken to a post, titled, “Even in Small Doses, the Outdoors Does Us Good,” which was published on this blog 11 months ago.

On the cusp of the new year, we feel compelled to cite and point to that we are now 10 days beyond the the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere — the hemisphere which is the sphere of the globe north of the Equator, and the sphere where ohDEER and its customers are located — with the winter solstice being the annual event that marks the shortest day, and longest night, of the year.   Depending on the year, the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is on either December 20th, 21st, or 22nd.

Starting the next 24-hour period after the date of the winter solstice, each subsequent 24-hour period will be one in which the day is longer, and the night shorter, than the 24-hour period that had immediately preceded it.  This lengthening of days and shortening of nights will continue until the the summer solstice — the date on which falls the longest day and shortest night of the year — which in 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere is June 21st.  On other years, the summer solstice may fall on June 20th or 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere.

Annually, the winter solstice coincides with the start of winter, and the summer solstice with the start of summer.

Solstices and seasons are reversed from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere.  On December 21,  summer commenced in the Southern Hemisphere, with the hemisphere experiencing its longest day and shortest night.

But, again, ohDEER is Northern Hemisphere territory, and we will focus on that things are heading in the right direction around here — with days getting longer, nights getting a shorter — steadily, and a little bit at a time.

Nice thoughts.  Positive thoughts.

And, while holding these thoughts, let’s all commit to making 2018 a great year, one full of happiness and accomplishment.

ohDEER Wishes All a Happy New Year!!