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ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, tick, and mosquito control. Since our launch almost 10 years ago, we have grown steadily, through both corporate and franchise expansion.

As we have discussed in this space previously, there is not much love lost for ticks and mosquitoes; they don’t offer humans much – mostly, they are all negatives. Mosquitoes and ticks, though, do provide a food source for other life forms.

But as for deer, and this we have also discussed here …well …yes …people have soft spot in their hearts for deer. That is, of course, provided that the deer are not chewing up the flowers, shrubs, and leaves on our property …or running in front of, and getting smacked by, our moving autos.

As well, people are fond of deer because deer are a healthy, nutritious, and valuable food source-and have been for centuries in southern New England, the base of operations of ohDeer and its franchisees.
Deer meat, aka venison, is low in fat and high in protein…and tasty.

In fact, deer on the table is increasingly top of mind in these parts as the Massachusetts deer hunting season approaches.

The 2015 deer hunting seasons in the commonwealth are as follows: Youth Deer Hunt Day, October 3; Archery, October 19 -November 28; Shotgun, November 30 – December 12; Primitive Firearms, December 14- December 31.

For more information on Massachusetts deer hunting rules and regulations, and also permitting, please click here to be taken to a page at the Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs website.

So, however you may acquire venison, how do you cook it? What are are some venison dishes?
ohDEER offers up a little help. If you click here you will be taken to a roster of delicious venison recipes atFood Network.

OhDEER – we keep deer off your property, with the exception, perhaps, of any that end up your plate.