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World’s End State Park in Hingham, MA (image credit: Patriot Ledger)

So much of the mission of ohDEER, so much of what we are about, is tied to nature, enjoying the outdoors, and staying healthy in the outdoors.

Now in our 10th year in business, ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

Deer can host disease-carrying ticks, and also munch on flowers and shrubs and low-lying leaves; mosquitoes and ticks both carry disease.

ohDEER uses highly effective solutions and applications – again, all natural – to keep deer, mosquitoes, and ticks off of residential yards, business properties, and public spaces.

Through our corporate office, and across our rapidly growing franchise system, we service Metropolitan Boston; Central Massachusetts; Southeastern Massachusetts; Cape Cod and the Islands; Eastern Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

When we refer to the outdoors, as it pertains to places that ohDEER treats, we are not talking, so much, about deep nature – the deeply wooded and far off fields – even as we are huge fans of, and enthusiasts for, frequently experiencing the wild and natural.

What we are saying is, however, that even a small bit of nature – a small expanse – can be good for mind, body, and soul.

For sure, there is no dearth of excellent and highly credible and supportable research recommending the benefits of experiencing nature – and informing us that a lack of interacting and knowing nature first hand has detrimental effects on us.

Research also tells us that need not hike up and through the mountains, or go whitewater rafting, or camp out in the deep woods, or sit for long periods on a remote stretch of beach, to be improved and to benefit from nature.

No, the scholarship informs us that spending time in our yards, or exercising along tree-lined streets, or recreating in parks that are set amid the bustle of civilization, is healthy living.

Now, of course, especially in ohDEER territory, people are more inclined to be outdoors during the stretch from late spring through early fall – and when cold and snow arrives, and days are short, we hunker inside.

Such a seasonal lifestyle can contribute to the winter blues, and feeling down in December through March.

A way to combat the blues is, and we bang this bell one more time, getting out and about in nature, even if it is cold and blustery.

The crisp and cold, and the bracing, and snow … it can be all good.

(Photo attached here is of World’s End State Park in Hingham, MA. Image credit: Patriot Ledger.)