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For Halloween 2019 – Another ohDEER Costumes Post

ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

We were founded in 2007 and have always been based in Wayland, MA.

Out of our corporate office, and through our growing ohDEER franchise network, we service and provide coverage to all of Massachusetts, including the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket; the eastern section of Long Island in New York State; and central New Jersey.

Appropriate, here, on Halloween 2019, to hark back to a post published in this space last Friday, the one about the opossum, a voracious consumer of ticks  – eating habits that … as we described in the post … meet the approval of those of us at ohDEER … and many, many other people.

Why on Halloween is a mention of the “possum” fitting?

Well, let’s face it, the possum is one strange-looking critter – one whose appearance can elicit a bit of discomfort, even.

What is Halloween without strange and angst-inducing critters and creatures about?

ohDEER did some moseying about online and we found this neat opossum costume, (at right) which is one of the many that Ms. Stephanie Woodrum posted to the “Costumes” board section of her Pinterest page

When out and about tonight it is thoroughly possible that one may encounter one costumed as a tick … sort of.

Actually, the tick to which we are referring is the comic book superhero The Tick, which is the creation Ben Edlund, who grew up in ohDEER territory – Pembroke, MA, specifically – and graduated from Silver Lake Regional and the Massachusetts College of Art.

Please click here to be taken to a post about The Tick – of comic book fame – published in this space on Halloween 2016.

(To left: gentleman in homemade Tick costume.)

The 2017 ohDEER Halloween post  featured a deer and mosquito costume – and also a reprise of The Tick costume talked about on our blog the previous year.

And how about this Women’s Fawn Deer Costume (lower right ) made available through

We finish up with a mosquito costume (image at top of page) for grownups that was being sold (we see that it is now out of stock) at Halloween Express.  With a purchase price of $83.97 we suspect the costume is particularly well made.

Have Fun Today and Tonight.

Be Safe Today and Tonight.

Happy Halloween!