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Why Franchise with ohDEER?

ohDEER is the original provider of safe solutions for deer, tick and mosquito control. When you join our team, you’ll benefit from our years of experience, our proven results and our hands-on training. With low start-up and operating costs, you can readily grow your business in proportion to your efforts without costly overhead. You can even operate from your home. And unlike some other companies, ohDEER is a full-time, year-round business with 3 revenue streams, which means more opportunity for YOU!

In this era of ecology-oriented consumers, our all-natural products are a fit and our focus on customer service makes repeat business and referrals happen!

ohDEER has combined 3 income generating services into one year-round business: deer control, mosquito control and tick control. With ohDEER’s emphasis and commitment to all natural and environmentally friendly products, we’re on the cutting edge of this multi-faceted industry. Our products have been effective, and are also safe for humans, plants and wildlife.  They’ve even been formulated to remain on plants and trees when it rains.

With the ever-expanding deer population in our communities, and the ever-present problem of ticks and mosquitoes, we are looking to extend our reach by offering qualified individuals the opportunity to join our franchise team. We’re looking for franchisees who are passionate about the environment, who have a desire to help people preserve their property by controlling the deer from feeding and the growing tick and mosquito problem, while growing their own dynamic business.

Call us if you’d like to learn more at (888) 643-3378!