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Rice Road Reservoir at Hamlen Woods (image credit:  Wayland Conservation Department)

Rice Road Reservoir at Hamlen Woods (image credit: Wayland Conservation Department)

ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

In business now for nine years, ohDEER maintains its corporate office in Wayland, out of which we service Metropolitan Boston and Boston proper.

We recently began to license ohDEER franchises – and this area of our business is growing fast.  We have seven franchises, with one each dedicated to servicing on of the following regions:  Boston Metropolitan North; Cape Cod; Martha’s Vineyard; Nantucket; Southeastern Massachusetts; Eastern Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

A primary focus and mission of ohDEER is to help make safe, and preserve the beauty of, people’s property – their yards, woods, pathways, fields, and patios.

With our all natural applications, we keep deer from eating your plants, and keep disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks from making residence in your outdoor living space.

It only makes sense, and surprises no one, that ohDEER co-owners and co-founders, husband and wife, Kurt and Colleen Upham, are lovers of the outdoors; they hold deep affection for nature.

In this space, from time to time, we like highlight the beautiful natural places – and the efforts to conserve the wild.

Kurt and Colleen Upham not only run their business out of Wayland, but they and their two daughters are residents of the community.

The Upham family immensely enjoy living in Wayland – with one of the reasons being its vast trove of conserved and protected natural spaces that are enjoyed by all the Uphams.

“Wayland is just a wonderful place in which to live – with wonderful people and strong community and civic participation,” said Colleen Upham.  “And Wayland is strongly tied to the beginning of America, and played a major role in its founding.  The town itself was founded in 1638, and officially incorporated in 1639.

Greenways Conservation Area (image credit:  Wayland Conservation Department)

Greenways Conservation Area (image credit: Wayland Conservation Department)

“And as for conservation and natural spaces in Wayland, our family had benefited tremendously from the hard work, the smart work, of so many, whether employees with the town, volunteers, private giving … and so much more.  Wayland has vast natural and preserved areas to enjoy.

“Residents of Wayland are also fortunate in that the town is one of the 36 communities, in an area that stretches from Worcester to Boston, in which Sudbury Valley Trustees – which is a super natural conservation organization – focuses on preserving natural land and protecting wildlife.”

If you click here you will be taken to the Wayland Conservation Department homepage, and if you click here here you will be taken to page at the Town of Wayland website where you will find a list of conservation areas in the town.

We at ohDEER are always eager to encourage people to access and experience nature.

It is all good for mind, soul, and body.