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Now in its 10th year in business, ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

The husband-and-wife team of Kurt and Colleen Upham co-founded and co-own the company.

Out of our corporate office in Wayland, MA, we service Boston Metropolitan West and Boston proper.

Our franchise enterprise, launched only a little more than three years ago, now has seven franchises – with one franchise each servicing one of the following regions:  North of Boston, South of Boston, Central Massachusetts, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands, Eastern Long Island (NY), and Central New Jersey.

We have discussed at length in this space the need to control deer, for they munch and make meals of plants on your property, and they also bring to your property deer ticks (Ioxdes scapularis) which can transmit, through-their bite, Lyme disease-causing Borrelia bacteria to humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife.

In 2015, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 95 % of confirmed Lyme disease cases came from just 14 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Symptoms of Lyme disease in humans (about 70 to 80 % of those infected with the disease manifest symptoms) can include sore joints, headaches, fever, fatigue, rashes, paralysis, and arthritis.

Lyme disease can be chronic.

Symptoms caused by Lyme disease are often misdiagnosed.

To learn more about Lyme disease – including prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment – please click here to be taken to an area at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website dedicated to providing information on the disease.

When a celebrity is afflicted with the disease it calls and draws considerable attention to that disease.

A celebrity who has, through the years, touched on in public commentary his long-time battle with Lyme disease is the actor Alec Baldwin.

This past Sunday, though, while making a featured guest appearance at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation’s annual LymeAid Benefit Gala, held in Portola Valley, CA, the Academy Award-nominated actor talked more specifically about his experience – an experience that has, at times, brought him intense pain and misery.

In an address to the gala audience, Mr. Baldwin, who grew up on Long Island, said that, for five successive summers, he had Lyme disease symptoms that were “black lung, flu-like,” and that he was “sweating to death in my bed.”

If you click here you will be taken to a Newsday story, titled, “Alec Baldwin discusses his Lyme disease at benefit: I thought I was going to die,” written by Frank Lovece, that was published yesterday.

The LymeAid Benefit Gala raised $850,000, all which will be used for Lyme disease research.

Fittingly, Alec Baldwin produced and starred in the award-winning and critically acclaimed independent comedy-drama movie, Lymelife, released in 2008,  in which the story is based on Long Island and Lyme disease is a key plot element.

ohDEER commends those high-profile and highly accomplished people, like Alec Baldwin, who give their name and time and effort to the fight against Lyme disease and to support Lyme disease research.


Of course, prevention is key – and ohDEER is a natural and highly-effective option to keep people safe from disease-carrying tick bites.