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Tree cutting in the forest, allowing and providing for healthy growth (image credit: Sudbury Patch)

Tree cutting in the forest, allowing and providing for healthy growth (image credit: Sudbury Patch)


ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

Launched in 2007 – yes, next year we recognized a decade in business – our corporate office is located in Wayland, MA.

Out of our Wayland office we service Metropolitan Boston and Boston proper.

ohDEER also has a franchise business, which we only recently launched, and which is growing fast and expanding rapidly.  There are now seven ohDEER franchises – one each with services one of the following regions:  Boston Metropolitan North; Cape Cod; Martha’s Vineyard; Nantucket; Southeastern Massachusetts; Eastern Long Island; and Central New Jersey.

As we have discussed in this space, a tremendous amount of what do is tied to, and has a goal, making outdoors spaces free of mosquitoes and ticks, which are irritating … and, worse, can carry and spread disease – and to, without hurting plants, render unappetizing to deer, plants that normally would be on the breakfast, lunch, dinner menu of deer.

We at ohDEER love the outdoors – and we admire and give thanks to those give to and work on behalf of preserving nature.

In a recent post, which can be accessed by clicking here, we touted the natural beauty and reserves of Wayland, MA (again, the home of ohDEER), and praised those help to maintain and secure that nature and that beauty.

In pursuit of keeping nature healthy, sometimes humans can do more than just make sure that nature is left alone.  Indeed, sometimes, because of nature, nature can use a helping hand.

To wit – a forestation practice called tree cutting that improves the health of forests, both for the present, as a preventative measure – and to facilitate the conditions for welcome growth.

Actually, an organization – Sudbury Valley Trustees  – which we featured in the blog post referenced above, conducts tree cutting to maintain healthy forests.

A benefit of smart tree cutting is explained in the following excerpt taken from a Sudbury Patch story, published on September 21, and titled, “Sudbury Valley Trustees Announce Local Forest Restoration Efforts:SVT will offer tours in Sudbury and Framingham to illustrate the benefits of cutting trees as a method of maintaining healthy forests”:

“Carefully selecting trees to cut allows more light to reach the forest floor, encouraging understory shrub growth and remaining trees to grow bigger with more space to branch out. The result is a greater diversity of habitats that support increased variety of wildlife, especially birds.”

Please here to be taken to the full story, which is written by De Castillo.

Also described in the story is how deer activity in forests results in loss of shrubs on which songbirds depend for survival.

Smart and strategic and considerate human help is sometimes necessary to preserve and enhance nature.

ohDEER is always considerate of and always focused on … naturally and effectively … making the outdoors a safer and happier place.