Mouse Control

ohDEER's proven all-natural solution

Controlling Your Mouse Problem

In 3 Hassle Free Steps

1. Plug Holes

We’ll plug any holes around the foundation of your home where mice could enter. Mice only need a ¼ inch hole to enter your home. Our stainless steel product will not rust and mice can’t chew through it!

2. Set Traps

We use old fashioned snap traps to get rid of any mice already in your home. Poison traps ingested by mice put other animals who may consume the mice in danger, including your pets!

3. Spray Foundation

Our All-Natural Mouse Control solution will be sprayed around the foundation of your home every 4 weeks to ensure a lasting effect. The scent of the spray repels mice away from your home.

Hundreds Of Homeowners Are Taking Back Their Properties. You Can Too!

From start to finish, your satisfaction in service and quality are our top priority. You are welcome to be our next 5-Star Customer.

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Find a Mouse?

Remember, you get free trap resets and mice disposal. Give us a call at (508) 358-0808 and we’ll come back to take care of any mice in your home!

What You Can Expect

Take Back Your Home

It's time to stop worrying about mice.

Re-Spray Guarantee

If you have any issues within 24 hours of service, we'll come back and spray again for free.

Background checked technicians with the Seal

Priority Scheduling

Find the time that works best for you and your family outdoor time.

Set it & Forget It

Set your schedule and frequency and we'll always show-up at your convenience.

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