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Mosquito larvae floating on still water (image credit, James Gathany, CDC)

In 2017, ohDEER — the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control — is celebrating its 10th year in business.

Out of our corporate headquarters, based in Wayland, MA, we service Metropolitan Boston.

Our franchise network is rapidly growing,  There are five ohDEER franchises which provide coverage across the following five geographic regions: Central Massachusetts; Southeastern Massachusetts; Cape Cod and the Islands; Eastern Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

A primary reason for ohDEER’s success is that we consistently study, research, and practice — all to the end of developing more effective all natural solutions and applications.

Our corporate and franchise enterprises work cooperatively — and as a team.

A demonstration of this cooperation and teamwork is our inaugural franchise meeting — with the meeting theme, “Get Charged Up For Success” — held this past November.

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Among the functions of this blog is to share information we acquire about the lives and habitat of deer, mosquito, and ticks — and what is going on with these creatures.

In a post published here on March 28, we discussed how the mild winter was contributing to a big tick problem — one arriving early and in big numbers in these parts.

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Now, here’s the thing — a mild past winter … and a generally warming environment over the past several years … married to what has been thus far a wet and rainy spring, makes conditions particularly hospitable and happy for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes like warm weather and standing water.

Standing water is an effective incubator for mosquito eggs and larvae, and a flying off point for adult mosquitoes.

Yes, it looks like the mosquitoes — some of which carry disease that they can transmit to humans, pets, and livestock — will soon be out in big numbers.

Expect a population boom in mosquitoes.

One useful way to prevent nearby rising and coming forth of mosquitoes is to remove standing water on your property.

Of course, another useful way … a highly useful way … to protect yourself from mosquitoes is to call ohDEER.