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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of affection and love… of course.

For Kurt and Colleen Upham – owners of ohDEER, the leader in all natural deer, tick, and mosquito control -Valentine’s Day represents, and brings with it, a particularly potent quotient of happiness and other uplifting sentiments and feelings.

Actually this is true for the entire Upham family – that would be Kurt and Colleen …and their twin daughters, Sydney and Caroline, who turn nine years old today.

Yes, that’s right, the Upham twins – fraternal – are Valentine’s Day babies.

Kurt Upham recalls the arrival of Sydney and Caroline.

“We did know that we had twin girls on the way,” said Kurt. “Well, Colleen was at nine months, and it was the night before Valentine’s Day; we were at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the doctor had induced Colleen’s labor.

“It was getting into late evening, and Colleen and I started thinking that the babies might be born on Valentine’s Day – which wasn’t Colleen’s preference. Colleen didn’t want the girls’ special day rolled up in another event.”

As midnight approached, and the doctor evaluated the progress of the delivery, he informed the expecting parents that the girls would be born on February 14th .

So they were – and both healthy.

First on the scene, at 12:49 am, was Sydney, weighing 5 lbs. and 11 ounces; six minutes later, Caroline made her world debut, weighing 6 lbs., two ounces.

Sydney and Caroline have grown into smart, energetic, and social young ladies. They are good students.
Both girls enjoy and play softball. Sydney also is involved in gymnastics, and Caroline is active in soccer.

What do the girls think about being born on Valentine’s Day?

“Sydney and Caroline love that they were born on Valentine’s Day,” said Colleen. “Because it adds to the candy they receive – or so they think.”

Here’s a little more history on the Uphams and Valentine’s Day.

Kurt and Colleen, who celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary on January 7. first met, on a blind date, on February 11th, 2003.

“We met at Buff’s Pub in Newton, and talked over chicken wings and beer,” said Colleen. “We got along very well – and their was mutual attraction.”

Then, again, in the estimation of Colleen, Kurt wasn’t the smoothest operator in terms of building a courtship.
Kurt explains.

“A few days after the first date – it was Valentine’s Day – I called Colleen. She wasn’t home, but I left her a voicemail message saying that I hoped to see her again soon. She later told me she thought that message was “silly.”