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ohDEER is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

We have been in business for 10 years. Our corporate office, based in Wayland, MA, services Metropolitan Boston West.

Our franchise business, launched only three years ago already has seven locations, with one each dedicated to covering one of the following geographic areas: North of Boston, South of Boston, Central Massachusetts, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands, Eastern Long Island (NY), and Central New Jersey.

Now, of course, we are known here, in this space, balancing speaking well of deer in terms of their beauty, and their value as a quality food source, with the clarion we sound of the danger they pose as transporters of deer ticks, which carry Lyme disease, which can be transmitted to people, pets, and livestock — and also their penchant for munching on shrubs and other plants on your property.

We have almost nothing good to say about mosquitoes, which also carry disease which they can spread to humans and pets and livestock.  Although mosquitoes do play a role in pollination.  They also serve as a food source for bats and some fish.

Deer ticks?  Almost all bad.  Except chickens enjoy them as a dinner item.

Well, lo and behold, ohDEER does have something good to say about a deer tick — that would actually be Deer Tick, the capitalized form, which is the name of the highly acclaimed alternative rock band out of Providence, RI.

Deer Tick, which tours throughout the U.S. and Europe, launched in 2004. Its members are singer-songwriter John J. McCauley, guitarist Ian O’Neil, bassist Chris Ryan, and drummer Dennis Ryan.

Following is an excerpt — which includes an explanation how the band got its name — from the Wikipedia entry on Deer Tick:

“The band’s music has been described as rock with folk, blues, and country influences, although the band actively rebel against the country tag, stating ‘We’re proud not to sing with a twang’, The band regularly perform cover versions in their live sets, including songs by the likes of The Replacements, Nirvana, John Prine, Hank Williams, the Beastie Boys, Warren Zevon and Sonny West. They have also performed entire sets as Deervana, a Nirvana tribute band including a show in September 2013 to mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s third album In Utero.

“McCauley explained that inspiration for the name Deer Tick came whilst hiking in the Morgan–Monroe State Forest near Bloomington, Indiana in Summer 2005, where he found a deer tick on his scalp one evening having never come into contact with one before, despite having frequently gone camping and fishing as a child.”

Deer tick on scalp. Inspiration. Who would have thought?

Please click here to be taken to the official Deer Tick, the band, site.

Deer Tick.  A rockin’ band.

Deer tick.  A problem arachnid.

ohDEER has solutions for the arachnid.