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Deer Tick (image credit:

Deer Tick (image credit:


ohDEER, founded in 2007, is the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

Deer can do a job on landscapes – munching on plants in people’s yards and their places of business.

Mosquitoes and ticks (which deer carry) transmit disease to people and pets.

You definitely want to control deer, mosquitoes, and ticks.

ohDEER maintains a corporate office in Wayland, MA – and also has a rapidly growing franchise business.

Out of our corporate location we provide service to Boston Metropolitan West, and Boston proper.

We now have six franchisees, with each holding an exclusive territory for service and coverage.  Those territories are Cape Cod; Martha’s Vineyard; Nantucket; Southeastern Massachusetts; Eastern Long Island, NY; and Central New Jersey.

In the close to a decade ohDEER has been in business, we have become renowned for our highly effective solutions and treatments.

We are always looking for better ways to control deer, mosquitoes and ticks.

Chipmunks can host disease carrying ticks (image credit: ScienceDaily)

Chipmunks can host disease carrying ticks (image credit: ScienceDaily)

In our quest to ever improve and deliver increasing value to our customers, ohDEER studies that which has an impact on and is consequential to deer, mosquitoes, and ticks: other wildlife, plants, weather, seasons, human impact … you name it.

Back in late January, we posted here about acorns, and how they are a nutritious and delicious food source for deer.   Further, as we described, bountiful acorn crops, with the mature nuts falling from oak trees in autumn, combined with the condition of winter light on snow – which means acorns remain largely uncovered – hugely favor the good health and high survival rate of deer.

Harsh winters, with heavy snow, are life threatening to deer – a main reason is because the snow prevents deer from getting to the acorns and other food.

This past autumn and winter was, for deer, a happy time for acorn availability.

Please click here to be taken to the post on acorns and deer.

Of course, if you have oak trees on your property, it is a very smart and very good idea to have the property treated with an all-natural solution to keep deer away.

Now, as well, and here’s the thing – other animals that very much like acorns, are rodents – such as chipmunks and mice and squirrels and moles … and others members of the rodent animal order.

Yards, woods, fields, stonewalls, barns, sheds … and other habitats … are busy this summer with acorn gobbling critters.

An effective way to control the ticks that rodents carry is through tick tubes.

Tick tubes are cardboard tubes that are packed with cotton laced with the FDA approved insecticide Permethrin – which kills ticks on contact.

Rodents very much like cotton as a material to use in constructing their nests.

So, let’s take a mouse, for example.  Mickey pulls out some of that cotton from the tick tube, and brings it back and uses it as nesting.   Every time the mouse settles in his nest, he absorbs the Permethrin on his fur – and this means ticks die on contact with the fur.

Tick tubes can be purchased online through several vendors and manufacturers.   You can also pick them up on a visit to home improvement stores.

As well, you can make your own tick tubes. Please click here to be taken to a post at Practical Primitive to learn how.

ohDEER does not sell and provide tick tubes.   But if you have them, we will strategically place them on your property for you.

Tick Tubes – one more weapon in the arsenal of protecting yourself from ticks.

Then, again, oftentimes ohDEER all natural tick control is all that is needed to keep your property and your skin tick free.