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Pandemic – and the Enriching and Restorative Power of the Outdoors

(Image credit: Project Play)

A sizable component of the foundation of all that ohDEER is about, of all that we provide, and our reason for being, is the outdoors and nature.

ohDEER launched in 2007, and across the 13 years of our operation, we have had the good fortune, and it is our privilege, to service a consistently growing number of customers we value highly, and for whom we always give our best.

And our job and mission is to – through the application of our proprietary all-natural sprays and solutions – keep your outdoor property free of deer, mosquitoes, and ticks.   It is a good thing to have outdoor spaces where there are no disease-carrying mosquitoes or ticks, and no deer that transport ticks (which latch on to deer and feed on deer blood).  It is also nice not to have deer despoiling landscapes by eating plants, and ruining trees with their antler and head rubbing.

Science tells us that time in the outdoors is good for us – emotionally and physically.  Then, again, we know that instinctively; we feel it.

Now, for sure, one is going to receive a more potent and bigger health boost in the woods and in wilder environs than in the yards and land around our homes and businesses.  But anyplace outdoors is a positive.

Curiously, and wholly predictably – and partially by necessity – the pandemic and accompanying lockdown and social distancing regulations have moved us outdoors … have compelled and urged us outdoors.

Consider when out and about in parks and conservation land and other public spaces, the get-togethers of people sitting in lawn chairs – with these chairs spaced at safe distances from one another – talking.  There are far more of these assemblies now than prior to COVID-19.

People still need to socialize.  And it can be a lot safer to do so outdoors.

Yoga classes that had been held indoors are now taking place outdoors.  You must have seen the classes.

Then, again, it isn’t just yoga going outdoors, but other exercise and movement classes.   Please click here to be taken to a CNBC story, “Fitness studios move classes outdoors to make up for revenue lost to the pandemic,” published last Saturday, and written by Alex Harring.

And you aren’t imagining that there are far more kids bicycling than before the pandemic arrived.   We recommend a story, “Bikes are having a moment: kids turn to riding during COVID-19,” written by Jon Solomon, and published May 18 at the website of Project Play.

The pandemic remains a huge challenge, a terrible challenge, for the global community.

Yet, amid the trial and pain and loss, people remain remarkable in their ability to find and secure a positive, and to persevere … and to find a new way of healthy.

ohDEER trumpets this embrace of the outdoors.

And we will continue to do our part in making your special space, your special place, in the outdoors one that is naturally protected and free of deer, mosquitoes, and ticks.