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Growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, Eddie Spindola was in to electronics, and in to gadgets. He was one of those guys. He never stopped liking electronics and gadgets.

It would figure then when drone technology started to take off, Eddie would be following and learning all about it. It just might figure, as well, that Eddie would find a way to enlist and appropriate the technology for a very important mission.

Like proposing to the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

“It was this past August when I finalized and put the plan together,” said Eddie, 29, who owns the ohDEER franchise on Martha’s Vineyard, which is the exclusive provider of ohDEER products and services on the island.

Eddie, who is also the first franchisee in an ohDEER franchise system that is enjoying strong growth, was featured recently in a post here on this blog, which can be found by scrolling down.

Okay, as for drone technology and romance and proposals.

The woman to whom Eddie was proposing is Niki Clouser, whom Eddie met online about 14 years ago – in an AOL dial-up chat room.

“I was in high school, and living on Martha’s Vineyard, and Niki was in high school, living in Pennsylvania, in a town called Reading,” said Eddie. “Well, we me online, and stayed in touch online, and even talked on the phone sometimes.”

When Eddie graduated from high school, he went off to St. Petersburg College college in Florida. Niki, upon graduation from high school, went into the Army National Guard Reserves.

“After high school, we didn’t communicate online nearly as often, but we stayed in contact,” said Eddie.

Eddie graduated from college, and returned to MarthՉ۪s Vineyard. Niki stayed in the National Guard, where she served as a cook, and continued to call Reading home.

Niki’s service included deployment overseas in the Iraqi Freedom mission.

A year and half ago, Eddie and Niki started talking online more frequently. They decided to meet in person.

“We were getting along, and we decided to meet at the InterContinental Hotel in Boston – with the intent of two friends meeting,” said Eddie. “Well, okay…. maybe we were feeling something more, the two of us… but we still had not met in person; you never know how it will go when you finally meet face to face.”

On meeting face to face, feelings of romance mutually blossomed – immediately.

In fact, that same day, Niki left with Eddie for Martha’s Vineyard, where she would spend a few days. Three weeks later, the two went out to Las Vegas together.

Yeah, things were going well.

In the fall of 2014, Niki, still in active reserve with the Army National Guard, moved up to Martha’s Vineyard. She was soon working at Vineyard Propane, with her one weekend a month of military training based out of the Army National Guard armory in Dorchester.

(Niki also helped out on various assignments with Eddie’s ohDEER business.)

Love continued to flourish, and the couple understood that marriage was on the horizon.

Of course, you have to get engaged first.

For three weeks this past July, Niki was in Fort Drum, NY for her mandatory annual three consecutive weeks of training. While Niki was away, Eddie launched into dedicated marriage proposal planning mode.

And, for sure, Eddie wanted to propose in an extra special manner.

This is where the drone comes in.

“I decided I wanted to use a drone, in some way, to propose to Niki – and I wanted to propose to her at the InterContinental Hotel, the place we first met in person,” said Eddie. “More precisely, because a flying drone would be involved, the proposal would take place outside of the hotel.

“I called the InterContinental and explained what I wanted to do, and the hotel was great; they okayed it.”

Eddie then did research and located two companies, both based in Boston, that could make his drone proposal plan work – and record the images of the event.

“These two groups do a lot of work together, including managing and organizing, and photographing, proposal by drone.”

The companies were Above Summit Films, an aerial drone photography and videography company, and Lovely Valentine, which specializes in wedding photography.

“Above Summit Films and Lovely Valentine made the process easy – and they both delivered exceptional results.”

It would take two months for Eddie to get the proposal event arranged and planned to that it would be just right.


At 5 pm, on Sunday, September 13, Niki and Eddie were sitting and talking on the grass in front of the InterContinental Hotel. It was overcast and mild.

About 50 yards away, a technician from Above Summit Films, released a drone, from which was suspended, at the end of a string, a velvet pouch in which was an engagement ring. The drone flew at a height of five stories for 20 to 30 yards, and then began its descent toward Niki and Eddie.

“Niki looked up, and she was surprised – and she wasn’t sure what it was all about. And, I walked over to the drone – and I had scissors on me – and I cut the string, and retrieved the ring, and walked over to Niki and got down on my knee and asked her to marry me.”

An elated Niki Clouser responded yes to Eddie Spindola’s big question – which made Eddie elated also.

A date has not yet been set for the wedding, one that will undoubtedly be wondrous and lovely and beautiful.

Please click to be taken to a video, titled, “Proposal by Drone,” which includes motion footage that Above Summit Films shot of the proposal and tender moments afterward, and still photography that Lovely Valentine shot of the newly engaged.


By the way, Niki, who turns 29 on October 30, still works full-time at Martha’s Vineyard Propane, remains on active reserve with the Army National Guard – and even manages to continue to be an ohDEER trooper, helping out her fiancee, from time to time, with the business of deer, tick, and mosquito control.