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Tick & Mosquito Solutions

All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Control: Effective & Safe for You, Your Family and Pets!

Ticks and mosquitoes have great taste. They love people! And they love your yard almost as much as you do. Let’s get rid of them so you can have your yard back!

It starts with a phone call. 1-888-ohDEER8. Our normal recommended spray season is April 1 – October 30. But ticks and mosquitoes follow the weather and not the calendar; so we are always on-call to spray when you need us throughout the year!

Call us for a free consultation. We’ll review your property and give you a quote on monthly all-natural tick and mosquito control treatments that will make your yard a safer, more comfortable place to be.

And we are happy to walk your property with you to identify areas that attract ticks and mosquitoes. We’ll suggest actions you can take now to start to make your property less attractive to them. Things like removing leaf litter, keeping your lawn short, and eliminating standing water will deter ticks and mosquitoes. We can teach you how to create a perimeter of 1 to 3 feet of mulch to help prevent ticks from even entering your yard. But every yard is different. We’ll recommend the most appropriate steps for yours.

Having a party or special event? We offer our subscribing residential clients free special event sprays. Call us to schedule yours. We also offer special pricing for commercial event venues.