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Good News: The Resurgence of the Honey Bee

Honeybees are nature’s all-star pollinators – those animals who transfer pollen, produced by the stamen, the male organ of a plant, to the stigma, a component of the female organ of a plant.  This transfer allows for fertilization, and the birth of new plants, and the continuation of a species. Without pollinators, plants would face a big-time problem.  And that means other […]

Chipmunks Appear Cute, But They May Be Transporting Ticks

Today we will be talking about the connection between the cute creatures known as chipmunks, and disease-carrying ticks. A mild climate over the past few years has been hospitable for providing food and for mating.  Chipmunk populations have boomed.  They are out and about in big numbers. And, here’s the thing, chipmunks are go-to source […]