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Bats Are ohDEER’s Wingmen in All-Natural Mosquito Control

Known for their spooky reputation from Halloween decor, bats actually serve beneficial purposes in nature. They are responsible for the dispersal of seeds, as pollinators and as natural pesticides. They consume masses of insects including mosquitos, which they prefer to eat 1,000 of, per night! “Individuals of some bat species can capture 500 to 1,000 […]

Chipmunks Appear Cute, But They May Be Transporting Ticks

Today we will be talking about the connection between the cute creatures known as chipmunks, and disease-carrying ticks. A mild climate over the past few years has been hospitable for providing food and for mating.  Chipmunk populations have boomed.  They are out and about in big numbers. And, here’s the thing, chipmunks are go-to source […]

Squash Mosquitos Love for Your Pool and Yard Ponds with ohDEER

Stagnant water is an environment that is fertile for mosquito eggs to be laid and hatch, and mosquito larvae to mature. Small ponds, in which water flows slowly or not at all, can be hospitable places for mosquitoes larvae to grow and develop. This includes decorative pools, yard ponds, bird baths and anything holding stagnant […]