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Historic Mosquito-Eradication Campaign Will Soon Begin In The Florida Keys

ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control. Launched in 2007, ohDEER has known the good fortune of a growing roster of loyal customers we highly value and for whom we provide the best and most effective all-natural solutions and methods of keeping deer, mosquitoes, and ticks away from their property.  As […]

ohDEER Discusses the Mosquito Bite – Which Isn’t Really a Bite

We launched in 2007, and over the following 12 years have had the privilege of servicing a growing number of clients: families, individuals, and businesses. ohDEER has been fortunate to own and operate a business that has done well and earned the trust of many. Six years ago, ohDEER founded its franchise enterprise, and today, […]

Of “Swatting” … and “Swishing” … Mosquitoes; Animals Have a Lot to Teach We Humans

Swatting and mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes and swatting.  They necessarily go together.  They kind of have to. Of course, ohDEER, the leader in all–natural deer, mosquito, and tick control, applies its proprietary solutions to environments – residential yards, business properties, and public spaces – to make those places unhappy and inhospitable places for mosquitoes. ohDEER precludes the […]