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Mating and the Deer Rut. And of Note – the Rut is Not Just a Deer Thing

Now, we are not talking about being in an emotional or operational rut.   Or the rut caused from, for example, tires rolling or a plow grinding through dirt. No, we refer to “the rut” that describes the mating season of deer. But not just deer — but other mammals also.   Actually, the term […]

Historic Mosquito-Eradication Campaign Will Soon Begin In The Florida Keys

ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control. Launched in 2007, ohDEER has known the good fortune of a growing roster of loyal customers we highly value and for whom we provide the best and most effective all-natural solutions and methods of keeping deer, mosquitoes, and ticks away from their property.  As […]