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Creative & Cost-Effective: Building DIY Bird Feeders for Your Yard

Bird watching can be a delightful and relaxing hobby, and what better way to attract feathered friends to your garden than with bird feeders? Birds are also helpful allies for pest control, some even eat mosquitos! Homemade bird feeders not only provide snacks to your backyard birds, but also add a charming touch to your […]

Tick-borne Illnesses in Cats

Tick-borne illnesses are infections spread from tick to host. Humans and dogs are often the most talked about when brainstorming prevention methods, but cats can also be bitten by ticks. Don’t fear, ohDEER is here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tick-borne illnesses in cats. What ticks can spread infections to […]

What is the Best Pest Control Company?

ohDEER is the best pest control company! Here’s why All-natural is all we do! The products we spray are safe for kids, pets, and your yard. No other wildlife will be harmed by our chemical-free pest control. Our technicians are even able to spray without needing to wear face masks. Pets and kids are free […]

Best Ways To Make A Bug Bite Stop Itching

Why does a mosquito bite itch?  When a mosquito latches onto you, it leaves behind its saliva which contains proteins the human body registers as unwanted. Your body then releases histamines in an effort to protect you. These compounds are what causes the itching sensation as well as swelling.  Here are some of the most […]

How Irrigation Affects our Deer Control

A commonly asked question by our customers is how does irrigation affect ohDEER’s All-Natural Deer Control products?  Our suggestion for your yard is to implement a drip irrigation system. This will have minimal effect on our product and is ideal for perennial plants. Spray heads are powerful and can wash off Deer Control solution in […]

April Showers Bring May…Mosquitos?

April showers do bring May flowers….but they also bring pests. Mosquitos only need ONE inch of standing water to breed in! They lay their eggs in water where they spend the beginning of their lives while developing wings. As rain totals increase, we have compiled a list of ways you can be proactive in preventing […]

Why Is Pest Control Important?

Pest control is important for the safety of your family and pets as well as the health of your yard. No one likes to be bothered by annoying mosquitos or anxious about camouflaged ticks. Make your yard a more enjoyable place to spend time outdoors, and safe for everyone in it! Mosquito control is important […]

Eliza J. Norton Foundation

During the month of April, ohDEER Metro West will be donating $3 for every service completed to the Eliza J. Norton Foundation. Eliza’s family have been longtime ohDEER customers and it is our time to give back! This foundation is inspired by the legacy of Eliza Juliet Norton, a bright and active little girl who […]

Are Pest Control Services Worth It?

The age old question, are pest control services really worth it? Check out these customer testimonials from ohDEER clients about why our Tick & Mosquito Control and Deer Control services were worth it to them! “I was skeptical at first but the product they use is so effective! We have dogs and a small child […]

ohDEER Locations Rank On The Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies in The Northeast

  We have exciting news to share! Three ohDEER locations made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the Northeast Region. Inc. Media is one of the world’s most trusted business-media brands. The award-winning multi-platform content reaches more than 50 million people each month! “This year’s Inc. 5000 Regional winners represent one of the […]