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How to Avoid Deer-Vehicle Accidents: Tips & Strategies

How to Avoid Deer-Vehicle Accidents: Tips & Strategies Introduction Deer crashes in Massachusetts reached an alarming peak in 2021, with 1,656 collisions recorded during the peak season for such accidents. This surge in deer-vehicle incidents serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance when driving, especially during this time of the year. Hitting […]

November News: All About Ticks

Note: Before you dive into this blog, it is important to remember that ticks are most active NOW! During November, ticks are actively searching for hosts to provide them with a blood meal. This month it is especially crucial to do a tick check on yourself, others, and your pets after spending time outdoors to reduce […]

Responsible Dog Ownership: Celebrating Pet Wellness Month

Pet Wellness Month has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate our four-legged family members with the love and responsible ownership practices. As pet lovers at ohDEER, we support pet wellness through offering All-Natural Tick and Mosquito Control. We aim to protect your pets from nature’s small, yet dangerous pests without the use of harmful chemicals. […]