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Tick-Borne Illnesses in Dogs

Tick-borne illnesses are infections spread from tick to host. It is not only humans who need to worry about being bitten by these disease-ridden pests, they often attach to dogs. Don’t fear, ohDEER is here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tick-borne illnesses in dogs and how you can prevent them. […]

How to Check Your Dog For Ticks & Why It is So Important

Why is it important to check my dog for ticks?  Ticks can carry diseases that they pass onto the dog they bite, most commonly being Lyme disease. The ticks your dog brings inside could also fall off and attach onto a human, transmitting the same diseases. How do I check my dog for ticks?  Ticks […]

5 Tips For Avoiding Ticks on Summer Hikes

From spraying thousands of yards with tick and mosquito repellant we have learned tick control techniques to prevent them from latching onto us. Today, we want to share 5 simple tips with you to protect you from ticks on your hikes this summer so you can enjoy more time outside! 1. Tuck your pants into […]

TICK9: Take Initiative and Check Your Dog for Ticks

Our four-legged friends are always getting into places they don’t belong – wooded areas, puddles, the trash. No matter where they get into, our main priority is always keeping them safe.  “We have so many clients that treat their pets like kids, us included,” says Kurt Upham, President of ohDEER. “We want to keep our […]

Ticks Are Wreaking Deadly Havoc on Moose Populations

The population that has been affected most harshly by the disease spreading and blood sucking tendencies of ticks are moose in the temperate zones of North America. Moose populations have been dropping dramatically in the temperate regions of North America, even as they remain relatively healthy and relatively stable in the subarctic and arctic. This […]

Babesiosis Disease Can Be Transmitted By Ticks: How to Prevent

We have talked extensively in this space about the mosquito and tick borne illnesses with which people in the geographic area in which ohDEER does business need to concern themselves: West Nile virus, transported by mosquitoes, and Lyme disease, carried by deer ticks. ohDEER has also discussed here diseases other than West Nile virus with which mosquitoes […]

A New Species of Tick Has Arrives in the United States, What Does This Mean?

A new foe has arrived on the pest control scene. The Asian long-horned tick is the first new tick species to arrive in the United States in almost 50 years! A key element in the success of the approach of ohDEER to controlling deer, mosquitoes, and ticks is that we adjust and adapt our solutions […]


Today we talk about ticks and testing for disease that ticks spread.  Of particular concern in the places were ohDEER does business is the deer tick  (so named because if feeds on the blood of deer), also called blacklegged tick, whose scientific name is Ixodes scapularis.   Deer ticks are carriers of Lyme disease. When deer ticks […]

Ticks & Mosquitos in the Winter

Ticks and mosquitos are commonly regarded as inactive during the cold months. The question is often asked, if the winter is harsh enough can it wipe out an entire tick or mosquito population in that area? The answer is, no matter how low temperatures sink, how high wind speeds get, and how much snow falls…mosquitos […]