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Here’s what ohDEER’s happy customers are saying about our solutions:

Metro West

Thanks for another great season of protection. With timely monthly applications and urgent visits after new plantings were dug in you kept my plants green and family tick free.
– Jason, Dover, MA

Mike and I have really noticed a difference, as have the neighbors that also had the treatments.  Knowing that we started later than usual was encouraging, which is why we are all recruiting more of the neighborhood to participate.  It’s funny, most of us have dogs, and when we take them for walks outside of the “treated zones”, you get eaten alive!  
We are personally motivated to have all neighbors spray next year!!
– Linda, Boylston, MA

Two summers ago, before hiring ohDEER, we were finding deer ticks at least a few times a week. Last summer, after treatments from ohDEER, we did not find a single tick on our property (pictured left). With the kids outside most of the time, ohDEER has given us peace of mind. Thank you!
– Edgar & Kim, Carlisle, MA

Your service has been amazing!  Since we started using Oh Deer we haven’t found one tick on our girls (previously we were finding a couple a week)!  I just wanted to thank you for that!!!
– Wayland, MA Resident

Thanks to ohDeer for a great summer free of deer munching on my plantings.  See you guys next June or whenever we started this year.  You are the best. Very pleased with the results.
– Natick, MA Resident

South Shore

Thanks so much.  Your service has been great and I feel that the mosquitoes and ticks were well controlled. My family was able to enjoy our backyard at night without much of a worry and I RARELY found mosquitoes in our house.  This was a HUGE difference from last summer….. we truly believe your company/product is very effective and are grateful it is safe for our children and dog.  We look forward to working with you again next season! Thanks again.
– Laurie

Martha’s Vineyard

Kurt, thank you for the deer juice, we are loving the lillies this year! (pictured left)
– Tim & Laura, Chappaquiddick Island, Martha’s Vineyard

A summer with almost no mosquitoes was wonderful. Our dogs had no ticks either. This is a wonderful service.
– Sarah, Martha’s Vineyard