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The 2020 Edition of Our Annual Flying Reindeer Post

ohDEER is the leader in all-natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

We launched in 2007, and through our corporate headquarters in Wayland, MA, and our rapidly growing ohDEER franchise network, we service all of central Massachusetts and points east in the state including Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket; the eastern area of Long Island, NY; central New Jersey; and Maryland.

ohDEER is a highly effective foe of deer and mosquitoes and ticks.

Yes, what ohDEER applies and sprays on your property contains no synthetic substances or harsh chemicals , and also renders your home or business space unhappy and inhospitable for our foes.

Umm, actually, not exactly for all our foes.  We will explain.

And this takes us to the substance of the 2020 edition of the ohDEER annual flying reindeer post.  Gotta do a flying reindeer post in December.

Now, as we have stated and made clear on this blog, the all-natural solutions that ohDEER uses and which keep deer away and off your property, curiously – and we are still trying to determine the “why” of this – have no effect on one type of deer.

There are not many of these deer for whom the ohDEER defenses just simply don’t work.

Indeed, there are only nine of these deer on the planet.

Yet … get this … you won’t find these deer on any endangered species list.   This is because these deer are, well, immortal – and impervious to sickness or accidents.

Their genetic code is that of its brethren who live in the wild.   But these special deer are surely, and wholly, domesticated.

We are talking about that flying subspecies of the species reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), also called caribou, who make their home at the North Pole on the compound of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, and for whom the Clauses, and the elves employed on the compound in its toy-making factory, dutifully and most attentively care.

Interestingly enough, the historic record on flying reindeer does not go nearly as far back as it does for Santa Claus.  For, you see, Santa Claus is sort of an Americanized version of a benevolent and kind man,, a Christian monk named Nicholas who lived in the 300s AD, in a place that is now part of Turkey.  Nicholas came from a lot of money, and he used that money to help people in need, which he still continues to do in the form of Santa Claus.

But It isn’t until the 1800s – and in America – that information starts appearing about flying reindeer that, every Christmas Eve and into Christmas morning, St. Nicholas, aka St. Nick, aka Santa Claus, enlists to pull through the sky and around the world his sleigh packed with toys and prizes for good boys and girls.

We owe it to Clement Clark Moore and Thomas Nast – gentlemen who were residents of New York City – to fill us in on and describe this aspect of the wonder and miracle of Christmas.

Yes, it was back then that we first heard about eight of the reindeer – Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.

What about Rudolph – he with the red nose “so bright” that it emits light that can cut through and the densest fog, rain, and snow and make clearly visible points several miles off in the distance?  Yes, what about Rudolph who, on stormy Christmas eves and mornings, his nose running on full power, flies point for Santa, and for the other reindeer, on their global commute?

Well, he, Rudolph, had been remarkably kept under wraps until Robert L. May introduced him to the public in 1939.

It seems the stuff of fiction, of course, that there are reindeer who can fly.   Not fly, as in running fast – like, “wow, that reindeer can run really fast; she can fly” – but, like, in reindeer who can actually fly, like over the Empire State Building, or the Swiss Alps, or the pyramids, or the Serengeti, or the Great Wall of China … or Fenway Park or Gillette Stadium.

As for how reindeer fly, and other scientific and technical explanations related to the annual celestial trip of Santa Claus and his reindeer, please click here to be taken to a story, “Reindeer aerodynamics, chimney physics and the science of Santa,” by Gary Susswein, published in Patriot Ledger on December 14, 2013.

Just amazing.   Absolutely amazing.

ohDEER wishes for all the Happiest of Holidays and Merry Christmas!!