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2 treatments in and already the deer have found other "restaurants" to visit other than my yard! Jeff is on-time, responsive, professional and his product seems to be working already. I would highly recommend oh-DEER!
Dawn Lefrancois
Dawn Lefrancois
12:46 18 May 23
We love OhDeer and found it really helped our yard! We live by a pond and need a little extra help - they always come back if we need an additional spray and have great customer service. I feel comfortable having my little kids and dog outside because of their natural ingredient spray and mosquito free yard!
Grayson Crowley
Grayson Crowley
15:40 25 Apr 23
I’m so excited to be receiving tick and mosquito control services from ohDeer Central MA this summer. My yard smells fantastic after our first treatment with their natural solution, and I am happy to know that my family will be more protected outside through the coming months. The team at ohDeer has been so great as I join as a new customer, and I look forward to their continued services. Highly recommended!
Kristen Bush
Kristen Bush
12:59 14 Apr 23
Great experience with OhDeer. The technicians were friendly, respectful of our property, and answered any questions we had. We saw a reduction in ticks and mosquitoes very quickly!
Allie Tellier
Allie Tellier
15:04 07 Feb 23
We have lived at two different locations where we used Oh Deer for tick control. Both properties backed up to the woods and had a major problem with ticks. Once we started service with Oh Deer the ticks were gone. The dogs are no longer coming in with ticks and we feel safe enjoying our yard. They notify us prior to coming. Their employees have been excellent and cost is reasonable. I would definitely recommend their service.
Julie Shinnick
Julie Shinnick
11:55 03 Feb 23

Deer Destroying Your Plants? Our All-Natural Deer Repellent Saves Gardens!

In 3 Hassle Free Steps

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Free Deer Report

An in person Deer Report will be conducted to evaluate your needs and craft the perfect solution for your property

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We service your property without interrupting your families plans and life style

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Sit back with the piece of mind knowing help is on the way and deer damage will be in the past

All-Natural Deer Repellent that Really Works!

We know what deer like to eat and more importantly, we know what they don’t like to eat. The average adult deer can consume more than five pounds of food each day. Some of that food may be your landscape! And deer are adaptable. Because they become acclimated to smells and tastes, a deer repellent that worked last month might not be so effective this month.

This is why we created Deer Clear, our proprietary all-natural deer control spray. Deer Clear consists of four unique all-natural deer repellent blends, totally safe for you, your children, and your pets. We beat the deer’s instinctive adaptability by alternating these all-natural deer control compounds throughout the year. Each month, even the most persistent deer will find a new reason to dine elsewhere.

Deer damage causes millions of dollars worth of destruction every year. Call us for a free on-premises evaluation of how we can protect your valuable property from these voracious pests. Depending upon your landscape and plants, we will recommend a program that is customize to your specific needs.

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Stop worrying about deer ruining your landsaping or garden.

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Our proprietary Deer Clear continuously works throughout the year.

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Find the time that works best for you and your family outdoor time.

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Set your schedule and frequency and we'll always show-up at your convenience.

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