Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Deer Control product work to deter any other wildlife like rabbits or chipmunks? toggle answer box
Deer Control is targeted towards deer feeding, so it is not going to keep other wildlife from feeding on a plant. The goal is that we use the product to break the feeding habits of the deer on the property.
Will the spray hurt the deer? toggle answer box
No, the spray is a 25b food-grade safe product which means it will not harm the deer. The spray will only repel the deer to feed elsewhere by making their favorite foods smell and taste bad to them.
Why are the deer eating my daylily buds in July? toggle answer box
Deer love freshly bloomed daylilies and will nip at the top, leaving just the stem behind. They are always looking for their favorite foods and teach their offspring to do the same.
Are there any other steps I can take to keep mosquitoes off my property? toggle answer box
Reducing areas where mosquitoes can breed will greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes you are seeing. Dump out any standing water on your property, mosquitoes can breed in as little as a bottle cap full of water and in as little as a week during peak season.
Does the product smell? toggle answer box
Yes it does, our product has a fresh, clean scent of lemongrass and cedar wood oil. Keep in mind, we may use different products throughout the season so it may change. The smell can dissipate as quickly as 20 minutes, but typically lingers for about an hour.
Will your product kill bees or other beneficial insects? toggle answer box
Our product is a contact spray which means it can only kill the insect it hits. This means if the spray hits one bee it will only kill that bee, rather than bringing a poison back that will harm the rest of the hive. We are aware of the bee populations on properties and train our technicians not to spray bees, butterflies, or pollinating plants.
Can I be in the yard while you spray or is there an evacuation period? toggle answer box
There is no evacuation period for our products, you can go outside during and after the service is completed. You do not have to take toys out of the yard before spraying and your kids and pets can safely enjoy your yard while we spray! We want you to enjoy more time outside so there are no wait times with our chemical-free solutions! We are applying about 40-50 Gallons of product on an average property so you may pick up a little dampness, but this will dry in about 30 minutes.
Does spraying kill the mosquitoes and ticks on contact or does it just keep them away? toggle answer box
Our product kills mosquitos and ticks on contact. Once it dries, the product will leave behind a residue that kills mosquitoes within three days of contact.
I had my first application, why am I still seeing ticks/mosquitos? toggle answer box
Getting control can take multiple applications especially if it is later in the season. You will see a reduction in activity after the first application. Then, once the second application is completed, we expect to see great results on the property. If you are not seeing results after two regular applications we are more than happy to do a respray.
How long after treatment can I put my sprinklers on? toggle answer box
For Tick & Mosquito Control, you can water your lawn immediately after we are done servicing. 90% of our product is going to be focused on the woods lines and trees where mosquitos and ticks live and breed. Be aware that excessive watering on the lawn can lead to increased mosquito activity because you are creating a perfect environment for them to breed. For Deer Control, we ask that you wait an hour after receiving a Deer Control spray before you turn on your sprinklers or water your plants. Excessive watering can break down our product early and can lead to deer feeding in between services. Allowing time for the product to set before watering will prevent this.
I just got a respray last week. Can we push this next service to a later date? toggle answer box
No, a respray is a stand alone service that is intended to get your property under control. Doing two applications in a short period of time allows us to give the property the boost it needs to achieve the results you’re looking for.
We are getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Can we get a respray? toggle answer box
If your last service was in the last two weeks we will provide a respray at no charge. If it was more than two weeks ago, we will move your next spray up to an earlier date.
Will you let me know in advance that you’re servicing my property? toggle answer box
You can always expect us to come to your property every four weeks but the day of the week may change. The night before your service, we will send you a notification that we will be servicing your property the next day.
Can I reschedule a service if the date does not work for me? How soon can I expect you to come back? toggle answer box
We can absolutely reschedule your service for another day, we just ask that you give us a heads up as soon as possible so we can get you taken off the schedule and fit you into another day.
Do technicians show up at the same time each visit? toggle answer box
Your service is going to be scheduled for the same week of the month each service period. The day of service may change due to weather or routing options, but we make sure to get your service done in the week it is due. The technician service time may vary depending on where you are located on the route for the day.
When can I start or stop my services? toggle answer box
We recommend starting service as early in the season as possible so we can get the property under control. You can call us to cancel service at any time.
Can I skip this service? toggle answer box
While you can skip this service, we do not recommend doing so. Our goal is to get your property under control and maintain that control through the season. If we skip a service, we are not able to maintain the control we’ve built.
Have you ever had a property you couldn’t control? toggle answer box
We’ve never had a property we couldn’t control as a result of our spray. Where we run into problems is when the property is providing the mosquitos and ticks ideal areas to live and breed. Leaf litter, standing water and unmaintained lawns provide an ideal habitat for mosquitos and ticks to breed and return to the property in between sprays.
Does your product kill the mosquitos and ticks on contact or does it just keep them away? toggle answer box
Our product kills mosquitos and ticks on contact and leaves behind a residual that repels them away for up to 4 weeks. Ticks hit with the solution will die within 8 hours. When a mosquito lands on a treated surface like a leaf, it is going to pick up a small amount of that residual product and kill it within 2-3 days.
What happens if the weather isn’t cooperating on my scheduled day? When can I expect you to come back? toggle answer box
Our service team is actively watching the weather throughout the day and making sure we are able to effectively service properties. If we need to reschedule your service due to rain, we will get your service back on the schedule as soon as possible. Usually, we get back to properties the next day but you can expect us to come back within 1-3 days.
It’s going to rain tomorrow. Why are you servicing my property? toggle answer box
Our product has a natural sticker additive that allows it to dry and remain effective an hour before or after it rains. Our service team is actively watching the weather throughout the day and making sure we are able to effectively service properties. If you notice tick & mosquito activity after our service, please give us a call and we will come back for a respray. The products we use are rated to be effective up until a named storm, if we are getting light rain the product will not wash away or be ineffective.
Why am I finding ticks in the middle of my yard? toggle answer box
If you’re finding ticks in the middle of your yard they were most likely brought there by a passing animal like a dog, cat, deer, rabbit, etc. We do not normally spray grass areas because as long as it is maintained, it will get too hot for the tick or mosquitoes to live and breed there.
Do ticks die in the winter? toggle answer box
Ticks are active until the ground is completely frozen over, when they hibernate. They will become active again when the ground unfreezes.
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