How it Works

First, the short version: You let us know you want to get rid of the pests in your yard, and we get rid of them without using a bunch of chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your kids and pets. Want to learn more? Great, we were hoping you would! (Talking about pest control is kind of our jam.)

Tick & Mosquito Control
Deer Repellent

Our One-of-a-Kind Saturation Method

When we show up, there’s no need to go inside. Pets and kids are free to play in the yard as they spray. In fact, our spray is so safe, you’ll notice that our technicians don’t even wear masks.
Next, we get set up: This means pulling out our 400 feet of hose so we can reach all those places mosquitos and ticks love to hide.
Using our unique saturation method, we drench your yard to help ensure best protection between visits. (Most backpack sprayers only apply 10-15 gallons, which is simply not enough for most yards.)
We spray under decks, patios, porches, swing sets and any other high-activity areas where moisture collects. We also spray 6-10 feet up into trees, where mosquitoes live, and 6-10 feet into the woods, where ticks love to hide.
We pack up and wave goodbye, or if you have any questions about further pest-proofing your yard, we’re happy to stay and chat. And if you’re still being pestered by pests within two weeks of our visit, give us a call. We’ll come and spray again at no additional charge.
We arrive at your house with a backpack blower filled with our all-natural product. No need to bring kids and pets inside — we’re always happy to have an audience!
We coat all of the targeted flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs on your property, covering all sides of the branches and foliage.
If there’s evidence of heavy deer activity, we may also add a powder around the base of the plant for extra protection.
A hungry deer may return a few times, but their favorite food now smells disgusting (just to them, of course). They quickly learn to dine elsewhere!