It all started with a deer and a tree …

Way back in 2006, Kurt Upham’s neighbor was complaining about the deer who wouldn’t leave his apple trees alone. He didn’t want to hurt the deer — or spray a bunch of chemicals on the apples he was planning to eat — so he called on Kurt for some help. Kurt created his own all-natural deer control … and wouldn’t you know, the deer stopped coming around. This got Kurt thinking he might be onto something.

Learn more about our founder, our history and the mission we’ve been on since Day One.

Bugs bug most people.
Not Kurt Upham.

Meet the founder of ohDEER

Since he was a little boy growing up in Weston, Massachusetts, Kurt has been fascinated by animals, especially deer. In 2006, he began experimenting with an all-natural deer control formula that would keep deer away from his neighbor’s apple trees without harming them. (He also loves animals.) Word-of-mouth quickly spread, and people began seeking out “that deer guy.” And ohDEER was born. Today you’ll find ohDEER fans up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The only non-fans? Deer, mosquitos and ticks. But Kurt can live with that.

We’re on a mission

… to get people outside more!
(And pests ruin the party.)

We believe that enjoying a pest-free backyard doesn’t have to come at the expense of a healthy ecosystem. This starts with creating eco-friendly formulas that not only work, but are made from effective, plant-based ingredients. It also extends to our own ecosystem: our technicians, who are here to answer any questions, give you advice or even help you carry that trampoline to the other side of the yard. Just ask!



Kurt successfully creates an all-natural deer repellent by experimenting with solutions in his garage— and it works! ohDEER is born.


Kurt began servicing customers with Deer Control.


ohDEER expands to include Tick & Mosquito Control.


ohDEER launches its successful Take Initiative Check Kids (T.I.C.K.) program and T.I.C.K9 for dogs! Learn more here


ohDEER is operating out of a barn in Wayland, MA.


The first franchise opens on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.


ohDEER continues to expand its presence along the Eastern Seaboard and beyond, in keeping with its original mission: helping people spend more time outdoors!