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As we mentioned in a post in this space on December 23, with the deer mating – aka rutting – season near its end, male deer, bucks, were shifting their focus from finding and chasing, and “getting together”, with does… to finding and gobbling up food.

Deer – male and female – are always interested in food, but for bucks, as mating season dies down – and having expended considerable energy, and burned considerable calories, over the previous couple months – and as winter approaches, gaining back lost weight is especially and vitally, critically, important.

Vitally and critically important for survival.

A “go to” food source for deer – and life is good if it is in plentitude, and accessible (that is, not covered by snow) – are acorns.

Acorns are rich in good nutrition for deer – a nice mix of healthy carbs, proteins, and fats.

If there are a lot of acorns to be had then deer are less inclined to be in your yard and nibbling, chomping on your shrubs and trees and plants.

Then, again, you will not have to contend with deer eating the vegetation and foliage in your yard if you use the services of ohDEER, the leader in all natural deer, mosquito, and tick control.

Acorns fall from trees in autumn.

“My test as to whether it is a good acorn year,” said Kurt Upham, president and co-founder of ohDEER, “is when you are walking in the woods, and you step and you hear the crunch underfoot of acorns – and you look down and see if you have stepped on 12 or more acorns.”

“If so … and there are not nine or fewer acorns underfoot … then it is a good year for acorns – and for deer. For sure, this is a good year for acorns.”

As Kurt explained, the acorns from various types of oak trees are not the same in terms of desirability to deer.

“Their favorite acorn is the white oak acorn, followed by the pin oak, the red oak, and then the black oak,” said Kurt.

Acorns abound this year – and that is all good for deer, and for your yards and landscaping.

Then, again, some heavy snow is projected in the U.S. Northeast this weekend.

The white stuff covers the acorns.

But, as well, snow cover can go away fast … or not.