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What is the Best Pest Control Company?

ohDEER is the best pest control company! Here’s why

  • All-natural is all we do! The products we spray are safe for kids, pets, and your yard.
    • No other wildlife will be harmed by our chemical-free pest control.
    • Our technicians are even able to spray without needing to wear face masks.
    • Pets and kids are free to play in the yard as they spray.   
  • We spray pest control using the saturation method. This ensures that your pest control has a longer lifespan. 500 gallons of product and 400 feet of hose allows us to spray 6-10 feet up into the trees where mosquitoes live and 6-10 feet into the woods where ticks love to hide.
    • We’ll spray under decks, patios, porches, swing-sets and any other high activity areas where moisture collects.
  • All ohDEER locations are locally owned and operated. Support small businesses in your community! 
  • We provide the best service to our clients, and solve their problems. If a client isn’t happy with the results we’ll come back out and respray their property.
    • This is why we have 95% 5 star-reviews on Google!

Please call your nearest ohDEER location if you are interested in our Tick & Mosquito Control or Deer Control.