5 Tips for Making a Butterfly Garden

Now that we are in peak butterfly season, we have compiled a list of tips for building your own butterfly garden. Our main goal is for you to be able to enjoy more time outside, and what is more beautiful to watch than a butterfly garden! Butterflies act as pollinators and their presence will benefit your other plants as well!

1. Choose an ideal location 

Make sure your garden is in a sunny spot! The flowers that attract butterflies will grow more in sunlight and butterflies like to start their day by warming their bodies in the sun. 

2. Plant flowers that will attract butterflies 

It is important to plant both Nectar plants for adult butterflies to eat AND Host plants for caterpillars to eat (and for butterflies to lay eggs on!) Some of the butterflies favorite flowers include asters, milkweeds, black-eyed susans, fritillaries, marigolds, purple cone flowers, salvias, zinnias, Joe-Pye weeds, echinacea, butterfly bush and butterfly weed! Click here to see what these flowers look like. 

3. Add a water source and shelters 

Fill a shallow dish with water and add soil to create mud so butterflies stay hydrated and also receive nutrients. Build a shelter out of a small wooden box to protect butterflies from rain and provide a spot to rest or cocoon. 

4. Put out homemade bait

You can make homemade bait by mixing rotten fruit, white sugar and beer! Put the bait out in a dish or on a rock that is accessible to the butterflies like the one shown below. 

5. No toxic pesticides

Insect-killing pesticides that use chemicals will also kill butterflies in the area. That is why at ohDEER, we only use all natural ingredients in our Tick & Mosquito repellant solution. Free of chemicals, it is safe for kids, pets and butterflies!  

Click here for more in depth tips! 

Don’t let ticks and mosquitos crash your butterfly garden or ruin your backyard experience. Give us a call at ohDEER to schedule a spraying of our all natural Tick & Mosquito repellant that is safe for kids, pets and your yard! 

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