Are Pest Control Services Worth It?

The age old question, are pest control services really worth it? Check out these customer testimonials from ohDEER clients about why our Tick & Mosquito Control and Deer Control services were worth it to them!

“I was skeptical at first but the product they use is so effective! We have dogs and a small child and it is nice to have peace of mind knowing their products are safe as well. Our yard was full of ticks until the first treatment from ohDEER and we then had a tick and mosquito free yard all summer long! Also the owner and staff are very nice and have great customer service! It is worth every penny! I have recommended them to my neighbors and friends and family. We will be sure to use them for years to come. Very satisfied!!!” -Jessica Jacob

“ohDEER has been treating my property for mosquitoes and ticks for over 5 years now and we couldn’t be more satisfied.  The product they use is safe for all family members and pets and their employees are all the utmost professionals!  You provide an amazing service and thank you for taking care of our property!” -Dave Youngsman

“We have our two youngest grandchildren here with us often and, primarily for that reason, don’t wish to have them pick up ticks playing in our yard. Over four years now our youngest is the only one who had a tick and he got that laying down in the field beside our property owned by Conservation. Prior to having ohDEER spray we often picked ticks off of both kids. Their service is great!” -Steve Donovan

“Emailed ohDEER and got a response within 2 hours. A technician was in the area and was at our house the same morning. Diagnosed our issues with deer eating the arborvitae and was able to treat our trees (and our neighbor’s trees as well) on the spot. We were quoted a reasonable price for treatments. Very happy the spray is all natural. Couldn’t ask for better, more professional service. Relieved that we found a solution to prevent the deer from eating our trees.” -Michele A

“We’ve been using ohDEER for several years now and have had nothing but positive experiences. They are professional and go the extra mile. Last time they were out they noticed an area where water tends to pool so the tech took it upon himself to spray extra there and really saturate the area to prevent mosquitoes without me even asking! In addition to the great service, the products work. We live in a heavily wooded area and never see ticks. Great company. Great product.” -Ryan Mcvicker

Call your nearest ohDEER location to become an ohDEER customer today and experience the ohDEER benefits for yourself!

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