Eliza J. Norton Foundation

During the month of April, ohDEER Metro West will be donating $3 for every service completed to the Eliza J. Norton Foundation. Eliza’s family have been longtime ohDEER customers and it is our time to give back!

This foundation is inspired by the legacy of Eliza Juliet Norton, a bright and active little girl who enjoyed sports and playing outside with her friends. The organization aims to provide children with increased access to and enhanced experiences in athletics and other activities! This is accomplished through working with communities to invest in spaces of play such as playgrounds, fields and ice rinks. The focus of these athletics in these spaces are teamwork, good sportsmanship, and community building. The foundation is currently working on making improvements at Cochichuate Field close to ohDEER Metro West in Wayland, MA. 

The goals of the Eliza J. Norton Foundation and ohDEER’s T.I.C.K. program overlap in many ways! We both encourage kids and their parents to enjoy more time playing outside. The Eliza J. Norton Foundation works with communities to invest in safer spaces of play where kindness and teamwork are present. One of ohDEER’s most important tag-lines is “Enjoy More Time Outside”. In addition, the T.I.C.K. initiative promotes checking kids for ticks after spending time outside. 

Visit the Eliza J. Norton Foundation site here to learn more about all they do in the community or to donate directly. 

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