Why You Should Follow ohDEER’s Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential platform for businesses to connect with their audience, share valuable information, and create a sense of community. When it comes to the All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Control and Deer Control company ohDEER, following our social media channels can provide you with a wealth of information and insight. In this blog post, we’ll explore why you should follow our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles!

LinkedIn: Relevant Articles & Monthly Newsletter

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, serves as an excellent source for in-depth information and updates from an all-natural tick and mosquito control company. Here’s why you should consider following their LinkedIn page:

  • Tick Talk Monthly Newsletter: ohDEER’s LinkedIn page offers a monthly newsletter that focuses on ticks and their activities. This valuable resource keeps you informed about tick-related news, articles, and insights, allowing you to stay updated on the latest developments in tick control and prevention.
  • Company Updates and Insights: By following ohDEER on LinkedIn, you can gain an inside look into our operations. We share insights into why and how they do what they do, giving you a better understanding of ohDEER’s mission and values. This transparency helps build trust in our all-natural approach to pest control.
  • Best Franchise Practices: If you’re interested in the business side of things, the company’s LinkedIn page may also share best franchise practices. This information can be beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals looking to explore franchise opportunities in the field of pest control. 
  • Relevant articles: On LinkedIn, ohDEER shares articles related to tick and mosquito behavior. We also share opportunities for ohDEER franchise expansion into states with high tick, mosquito, and deer activity.

Facebook and Instagram: Tips & Organic Content

Facebook and Instagram, being more casual and interactive platforms, provide a different but equally valuable experience. Here’s why you should follow ohDEER’s Facebook and Instagram profiles:

  • Relevant Content: ohDEER will share relevant content from pet creators, vets, tick and mosquito experts, and local businesses.  This curated content not only enriches your knowledge but also introduces you to various perspectives!
  • Tick and Mosquito Prevention Tips: ohDEER regularly shares tips and tricks for preventing ticks and mosquitoes in your yard, as well as avoiding bites. These practical tips can help you keep your family and pets safe from these troublesome pests. 
  • Deer Behavior and Plant Information: As the deer experts, ohDEER provides insights into what deer are up to every month, including their eating habits. ohDEER lets followers know what plants deer will most likely be feeding on during different seasons. This information can help you make informed decisions about landscaping and gardening.
  • Pet Safety and Dog Content: For pet owners, there’s a special treat – ohDEER often shares pet safety tips and engaging dog-related content. This not only keeps your pets safe but also adds a fun and heartwarming element to their social media presence. We share photos of four-legged visitors at our pet-friendly home office, technicians interacting with customer pets, a partnership with a dog influencer, and ohDEER employees’ own dogs!
  • Organic Content: One of the most appealing aspects of following ohDEER’s social media is getting to witness our team enjoying more time outside. For example, you may see snapshots from a technician fishing trip, team breakfast, or annual franchisee event. Organic content showcases the beauty of nature and the benefits of effective pest control, which might inspire you to spend more time in your yard. 
  • Employee Awards: Stay updated on employee achievements and recognize the hard work and dedication of the team with our monthly “Big Buck of the Month” award. 
  • Yard hacks: We post and repost tips for maintaining your yard and home hacks for continual pest prevention. There are home maintenance steps you can take to make your yard a safer place to play while also increasing the lifespan of your home.

In conclusion, following ohDEER’s social media is a fantastic idea for anyone concerned about rising tick-borne and mosquito-borne illnesses or deer feeding. View engaging reels, stories, videos, and posts. Our LinkedIn page provides in-depth insights, while Facebook and Instagram offer a casual and engaging platform to learn, share, and connect with a community that values all-natural solutions and a love for the outdoors. Whether you’re interested in tick and mosquito prevention, deer behavior, or just want to see some heartwarming dog content, our social media channels have something for everyone. So, hit that “follow” button and embark on a journey towards a safer, more enjoyable outdoor experience!

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