How Irrigation Affects our Deer Control

A commonly asked question by our customers is how does irrigation affect ohDEER’s All-Natural Deer Control products? 

Our suggestion for your yard is to implement a drip irrigation system. This will have minimal effect on our product and is ideal for perennial plants. Spray heads are powerful and can wash off Deer Control solution in a week. Lighter irrigation also minimizes standing water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

One of the most common irrigation mistakes is overwatering perennials. Perennials need minimal water, and soaking them will influence the effectiveness of our product. Hostas are another plant that do not need water at all during the summer, as they are a “shade-only” plant. Our technicians spray both perennials and hostas with Deer Control solution, as these are deer favorites. Remember not to overwater for the health of your plants and maintenance of Deer Control.  

Check out these links to learn how to create and install a drip irrigation system for your own yard. 

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