April Showers Bring May…Mosquitos?

April showers do bring May flowers….but they also bring pests. Mosquitos only need ONE inch of standing water to breed in! They lay their eggs in water where they spend the beginning of their lives while developing wings. As rain totals increase, we have compiled a list of ways you can be proactive in preventing mosquitoes on your property. 

1. Empty out Any Standing Water in Your Yard

This means unclogging your storm drain and making sure all gutters are not obstructed. Empty out the water in your birdbaths, garbage can tops, wheelbarrows, tarps, watering cans, containers, low lying areas, umbrellas, dog bowls…you name it! Even if it seems like a minuscule amount of water, remember that mosquitoes can breed in just a water bottle cap amount of water! 

2. Create a well-rounded lawn care routine 

Create a watering technique that works for your yard and soil. If your soil is not absorbent, the water will stay above ground. You should also avoid over-watering, because this can cause puddles of standing water. 

3. To avoid being bit when outside…

Use outdoor fans to blow these pests away from your direction, wear long sleeved shirts, spray yourself and clothes with a mosquito repellant of your choice and avoid being outside at dusk.

4. Minimize the Presence of Mosquitos in Your House

Make sure all screens and doors are closed and don’t have holes. Keep fans running and the lights turned off if possible!

5. Schedule a spray of ohDEER’s All-Natural Tick & Mosquito solution

Our solution is free of chemicals, making it safe for your kids, pets and yard! It will not only help prevent mosquito bites, but also tick bites and tick-borne illnesses! Here at ohDEER, we want you to be able to enjoy more time outside!

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