Squash Mosquitos Love for Your Pool and Yard Ponds with ohDEER

Stagnant water is an environment that is fertile for mosquito eggs to be laid and hatch, and mosquito larvae to mature. Small ponds, in which water flows slowly or not at all, can be hospitable places for mosquitoes larvae to grow and develop. This includes decorative pools, yard ponds, bird baths and anything holding stagnant or warm water.

In order to reduce mosquito populations in your yard, it is important to keep plant and other debris off the pond surface of your pool or pond. This is because this debris is hospitable for mosquito eggs and larvae.  Remove dead plants from the side of the water area, for dead plants and water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Keep the water agitated and moving.  A pond aerator will create bubbles and currents on the water surface which discourages mosquitoes laying eggs on the area.

Invite into your pond and pool areas, wildlife that likes to eat mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes.  Predators of mosquito larvae are dragonflies, birds, toads, frogs, and fish. If you place rocks along the edge of your pond or pool, and place sticks extending a few feet above the water line, dragonflies will use them as perches. Frogs and toads will often find their own way to a pond or pool.  Don’t chase them away. A type of fish that is a favorite of home gardeners and hobbyist landscapers is the mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis). One mosquitofish can consume the mosquito larvae over 20 square feet of water surface.

Image source: https://gobillybird.com/2020/07/16/birds-that-get-rid-of-mosquitoes/

We found an excellent article on how to attract insect-eating birds to your yard.  Please click here to be taken to the story, — titled, “10 Backyard Birds You Should Attract to Your Garden (Hello, Insect Control)” — published on August 24 at Rodale’s Organic Life, and written by the Rodale’s Organic Life staff.

For sure, working in tandem with ohDEER, and adding other mosquito control options, allows for you to maintain the aesthetics of pools and ponds without providing havens for mosquitoes. If you are finding these pests in or around the water in your yard, give us a call at ohDEER to schedule a spraying of our ALL NATURAL Tick & Mosquito Repellant that is safe for kids, pets and nature…we want you to be able to enjoy more time outside!!!

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