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Ideal Weather Conditions for Mosquitos are Upon Us

A mild past winter and a generally warming environment over the past several years … in combination with what has been thus far a wet and rainy spring, makes conditions particularly hospitable and happy for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes like warm weather and standing water. Standing water is an effective incubator for mosquito eggs and larvae, and a flying off point for adult mosquitoes.

Yes, it looks like the mosquitoes — some of which carry disease that they can transmit to humans, pets, and livestock — will soon be out in big numbers. Expect a population boom in mosquitoes.

One way to prevent mosquitos is to remove all the standing water from your yard, or put out food for mosquito eating critters such as birds! Another way to prevent mosquitos is to have your yard sprayed with ohDEER’s ALL NATURAL Tick & Mosquito repellant that is safe for kids, pets and nature. Give us a call today to enjoy more time outside!